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Crystal & Colour Healing Sessions & Classes


Located in Coquitlam, 20 min from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

email us at LynAyre@telus.net

Your host is Lyn Ayre, Ph. D.

Please note: I answer my email within a 48-hour period. If you do not hear 

from me it could be I'm away on vacation, away for a course, the computer is 

down, or the or the internet is not working. 




Learn Crystal & Colour Healing 

See these miners in a crystal cave.


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Kind Words from one of my Crystal & Colour Healing Student:

It is difficult to believe that Lyn covered so much material in a one-day workshop.  But I found the course provided a good foundation for me to begin crystal sessions.  Lyn stresses the importance of being in the right state of being with oneself through prayer and meditation before attempting a session. Further, she reminds us that this includes that the healing power comes from the Creator and Gaia (Mother Earth) and therefore to give thanks after the session.  When I begin doing the case studies, I know I can contact Lyn with any questions I may have.  I feel confident that once I finish the 10 case studies, write the exam, and receive Lyn’s feedback, I will be a caring and competent crystal healing practitioner, working for the highest good of my clients. Vikki, Vancouver, BC (Please note: Vikki has gone on to complete Level II and is now a Certified Teacher of this course.)

Linarite on quartzite (4).JPG (57103 bytes)

Linarite on quartzite

I couldn't resist this little gem that came to me all the way from Wales. With that name, I knew it was meant for me. (LynAyreite) : ,) 

Crystals & Colour - Courses 

Crystals have been used down through the ages for...

bulletProtection by repelling dense energy from others
bulletAttracting prosperity/abundance
bulletInducing a sense of peace
bulletEnhancing love relationships
bulletHealing yourself
bulletHealing others
bulletAngelic contact
bulletGuide communication
bulletDream recall
bulletTreating food, water, plants, animals and humans

Crystals work through the auric field using their subtle energy to channel and direct energy.

They can...

bulletNeutralize dense energy
bulletDraw energy away from over-stimulated areas
bulletRe-energize depleted areas
bulletInduce a feeling of harmony
bulletBalance the Chakras
bulletIncrease your aura and personal power
bulletClear blocked channels

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How does it work?

Around each of us there is a field of energy commonly called the Aura. According to many Eastern Traditions, within the Aura there are 7 Chakras. These sometimes become unbalanced due to stress or illness.  Crystals have their own energy field due to their piezoelectricity. This energy field is stable. When a person places a crystal or a colour swatch over or on a place of imbalance, it works to harmonize and balance the area. Crystals & Colour can clear energy pathways and therefore can pave the way to wellness, inner peace, Angelic connections, prosperity, and opportunity. We always ask that this be done in the highest and best way.  

Crystals become as friends standing by waiting to help you. Each has its own energy and auric field. Each has its own job; its own niche in your life.  Colour is a higher vibration of Sound and is also used in this way.

Multi-coloured Crystals are made of minerals and when an unpolished one is placed on the skin (which is warm and moist), minute particles of minerals can go through the skin and are absorbed into the blood stream to help us. In a crystal store, they generally will NOT have any crystals that are harmful to human beings. Most of the stones are polished so they are sealed and shined up. Their colour and energy can help us enormously but the minerals won't leach into our skin. I personally feel it is better to get the minerals we need from tablets that are come from a more controlled environment. All that being said, I love the naturalness of the unpolished stones and will go for them more often that the polished ones. These I use as 'decoration' about the house. I use the polished ones in session as they won't scratch or harm my client in any way.

How do we use our crystals & colour in our daily life?

I have a favourite blue-laced agate that helps to clear my head so I can sleep. We each have our own piece of dark purple amethyst point by our bed - also to help us have a good sleep and vivid dreams. A citrine point resides in the South East corner of our house pointing in and attracting abundance. As well, I have citrine in the Sun Gua of every room in the house except the bathroom. I have one on my computer and we both have one in our wallets to attract money. I also have black kyanite and snowy quartz on my computer to allay any dense energies from it. I sleep with a piece of tumbled malachite when my itchy ankle starts up, and a double terminated clear quartz crystal has cleared the migraine head-aches that bother Norm from time to time. I have also used it for a neck-tension head-ache I had one time. If my tummy is upset, orange calcite comes to the rescue. I lay down and place it when the disruption is. I have a selenite wand on my wrist rest, which is attached to my mouse pad. I use this to allay carpal tunnel syndrome. So far, so good. Crystals are trusted, tried and true ' friends of the family'. I use the food I eat, the clothes I wear, and the environment to add vibrational healing to my life in the form of colour.

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Crystal Healing Session

We begin with a consultation to discover what it is you would like to shift; then I proceed with the laying on of stones, and use colour for balancing your energy field. With inspiring music in the background, you relax on the table and allow the crystals and colour to do their work - clearing, cleansing, and harmonizing each of your Chakras. 

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Crystals: Self-Healing Module

taught as requested

My students don't always want to practice Crystal Healing as a career move, rather they just need it for self-healing of their (chronic) illness. (as a lot of them cannot be a whole day in class) 

This 2-hour course will show you how to use crystal healing for your own good. To that end, I've created this short course that includes the following:

    History of crystal healing

    Uses for crystals

    Clearing of crystals 

    What is Quartz crystal?

    Earth Energy Empowerment

    Tips on buying crystals

    Using a double terminated quartz crystal

    Information on the Chakras

    Creating Sacred Space

    Books and Reading list

    Enjoying a self-healing with a double-terminated crystal

    Grounding the energy


There is no certificate at the end. 

This short course is for those of you who are willing to sit for a half hour each day and do the self-healing 

Truly, you'd be surprised at what you can do for yourself. You'll never regret the time you spend on yourself doing this practice.


Financial Investment: $85.00 plus a short instructional manual. You'll need to purchase a double terminated quartz crystal up to four inches long.


"In The Light" Level I for beginners and intermediates; in-person or through correspondence

What the course covers: 

You learn how to 

bullet choose, cleanse, dedicate, and program crystals
bullethistory of crystal healing down through the ages
bulletcrystal shapes and types
bullethow to use colour to shift your vibration
bulletdo a crystal self-healing session
bulletget an introduction to dozens of crystals, minerals, and stones
bulletscan with a crystal
bulletdo an Client Intake
bulletdo a complete full-body healing on another
bulletcreate a crystal grid and use it for sending distant crystal healing to others and to world events/crises
bulletwork with the Infinity Symbol
bulletwork with the energy Chakra System
bulletyou will also receive an Earth Energy Empowerment, which is a ritual to connect you more deeply to our plant earth - Gaia; your life will never be the same again. 

You can take this course for interest's sake and receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the day. Should you decide to move forward as a Crystal Healing Practitioner, you can then complete and email all the assignments, email the 10 case studies, write the proctored exam and be awarded your Certificate of Achievement.

"In The Light" Level II advanced crystal course by correspondence only

Pre-requisite is the beginners/intermediate course above.



Learn the process of doing an Earth Energy Empowerment


Creating Sacred Space


Setting a crystal grid in your home or garden using directions


Clearing the past with crystals


Continuing with using colour


Tapping into your potential of NOW


Manifesting and anchoring your future using a crystal grid


Ten case studies using both levels of crystal healing


500 word book report on book of your choice on crystal healing


2,000 word thesis on your choice of topics in regards to crystal healing

Ten case studies are required for this course and the Client Form is provided in Level I. This course really lends itself to being taken by correspondence due to the amount of research on the book report and Thesis. 

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Gold Quartz Healing wand with vogal point 2.jpg (120755 bytes)

Suggested Reading List 


Love is in the Earth

The Book of Crystal Healing

The Crystal Bible

The Illustrated Guide to Crystals   

Crystal Power ~ Crystal Healing

The Complete Chakra Handbook  

How to Heal with Colour


Methods of payment  

please email lynayre@telus.net to make arrangements

Cash/Cheque (if local to Vancouver, BC area),

Money Order/Bank Draft in Canadian Funds, 

Western Union Worldwide Money Transfer

If your bank has Interac, and you do online banking, 

you can also send an email money transfer.

MoneyGram worldwide, and PayPal  

Please Note: All sessions and courses are taken at your own risk. It is understood that all energy sessions offered are for stress relief and relaxation only and do not substitute an alternative to western allopathic medicine rather work hand in hand and are complementary with all other therapies.

In-person Students Payment Information

Please pre-register for all courses at least 10 days in advance of the date so you have time to mail the payment and Registration Form and I have time to make the workbook/s for you. There will be no opportunity for registering within 10 days of an in-person class. Your payment includes a non-refundable deposit, which is required for all courses prior to creating your manual. When you email me, I will give you the address to send your payment to.

The cost of the textbooks/suggested reading books are over and above the cost of the course.

This is the ‘fine print’. Please, read carefully.  

For in-person students paying by cash, cheque, or money order

Please send your full payment made payable to Lyn E. Ayre, along with the Registration Form. This includes a non-refundable portion to hold your place in the class.

A receipt will be issued for all monies paid on training day.  

There are no refunds within one week of the class, however, you can book a seat in the next class of its type. 

There is a $35.00 fee on any payments that are not honoured, plus the bank charges.

Thank you.

Certification Process

This in-person class is an experiential event and the real work is done at home after the class. I offer my students a learning curve with complete availability to them after the workshop through email or the phone.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance, which states you have a basic understanding of the procedures. Some folks are happy with this as they just want the training for themselves or their close family. That is fine.

Should you wish to go further and be in service to others, there are projects to complete and email to me, 10 case studies, and a proctored written exam, which you can do in the privacy of your own home using your husband or another person as your proctor. You’ll then receive a Certificate of Achievement in your chosen area, as well as a passing grade noted. You can then feel really confident that you know the material, know how to help someone by using the techniques, and be able to give them different ways to look at something that they might not thought of before. You’ll also be able to answer all of their questions.



The information, writings, artwork, photographs, recipes, sayings, and all other content on this site is (C) 1999-2017

  to Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D. 

Please respect this. Thank you.