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Kind Words

Located in Coquitlam, 20 min from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Your host is Lyn Ayre, Ph. D.

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Kind Words

Emotional Freedom Technique

General Comments

Life Coaching



Sacred Sound Sessions

I post these here to encourage you to try something new that may alleviate a concern of yours. Below are comments from normal everyday people just like you and just like us. We all have our ups and downs, whether physical or emotional. Nothing we ever do in life will ever raise us up beyond being a human being. We all need help sometimes. 

It is our privilege to do this work. We are grateful. We both know that healing does not happen by us, it happens through us. All of what we do here at Aura Wellness Centre, promotes a gradual change and shift towards health on all levels. These modalities encourage the body to stimulate its own natural healing mechanisms. 

EFT & Meridian Technologies

"The EFT class with Lyn was a perfect blend of theory, demonstration, and practice in a safe, non-judgmental learning environment. Lyn is a gifted and passionate teacher who communicates with great clarity, as well as a proficient EFT practitioner. I experienced the disappearance of an upsetting worry and a long-time loss. 

I'm inspired to continue my study of EFT, to us the tool on myself, and to begin using is with friends and eventually clients.

The icing on the cake was receiving a comprehensive manual, two educational CD's, and Lyn's promise to be available for six (6) months to answer questions."

P.C., Bellingham, Washington

"Lyn's enthusiasm for and knowledge of EFT made this training very effective for me. I came away with a clear working knowledge of EFT basics and a strong desire to use what I learned."

C.C., Seattle, Washington

"Lyn displayed a professional, calm manner in her approach to teaching this course. Amazing Stuff!" BL

"I find Lyn so very comfortable and a delight to be with. Her life skills experiences are a true testimony that would give hope to anyone who would take any of her courses." MS

"I had this huge resentment towards my Uncle for business reasons. It just vanished with two rounds of EFT. I was amazed the acid stopped pouring into my stomach." NM

"I'd been feeling mortified about a situation that happened 3 decades ago. I didn't even have to tell Lyn what it was all about. In three rounds of EFT, the feelings that had churned in me everyday for years, left. At first, it felt strange. Then I felt very clear, and very grateful." LL

"I was having a nic-fit and Lyn asked me if I wanted to try something with her to see if my craving would go. I agreed and she did three rounds of EFT and had me follow her finger over my head. It just left me. That's all I can say. It was gone. She gave me a paper to follow and told me to do this every time I had a craving. It worked for me." MD

"My back was really sore after sitting in a hard chair for too long. I mentioned this to Lyn and she did EFT. My pain was alleviated in one round." KR

"My situation with my son was so frustrating to me. Lyn helped me by relieving the anger, resentment, and sadness I was feeling. I'm so thankful." RR

"I was feeling very depressed. The Doctor said the next step was electric shock therapy as I had been in bed for the most part of 10 years. I was desperate to try anything. I found Lyn and after one session of EFT on all the quirks I had, I felt so much better. We went on to have six more sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to feel more like themselves again.  Thanks, Lyn." BL

"I'd had a ringing in my ears that was about to drive me crazy. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I really needed help. A neighbor knew a little EFT and she helped some, but I needed a professional. I found Lyn's website and in 15 minutes on the phone, the ringing in my ears was gone. Then I noticed that the pain in my jaw was gone, too. Bonus!" AR

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General Comments 

Hi, to you both - It's been a while since we've been in touch. I just had a look at your website and I love it! You've come a long way, Lyn, from the gal Norm used to wheel into the healing circle each week. My heart is with you both. You have crossed paths and touched the hearts of many people, including mine. I am so very proud of you both. Take care of yourselves and drop me a line sometime. M.S. Vancouver Island

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Life Coaching 

I hoped to receive some clarity about what’s important to me, right now, and some motivation to ‘live on purpose’. I found Lyn to be approachable, an ally, warm, professional, and knowledgeable. I feel the chart helped me organize my thoughts and identify concerns to address and see if I’m spending time on what’s most important. It was helpful to discuss my responses and explore the matches and mis-matches; also, Lyn is familiar with many different approaches so we could examine questions in a lot of ways. Lyn has many skills to offer in any situation, so I’m confident she will have an appropriate strategy no matter what comes up! She is also very compassionate, which fosters trust and confidence in her coaching abilities. AF

Lyn has an excellent manner and makes you think that the ideas are all your own - she knows how to guide a person gently. As with anything that Lyn does, it was very professional and extremely well organized. She gives an idea ahead of time about what is to come and questions what we need to work on. The meeting itself was on topic and then she followed up with an email recap of what had been discussed. Extremely professional, organized, well thought out program. Lyn's caring, thoughtfulness, and understanding go a long way. Breaking a problem down into small portions that can be tackled and worked on gives one a feeling of achievement and knowing that it can be accomplished. I am on my way - thanks Lyn for your support. GP

I know I would have kept procrastinating. Life Coaching has kept me focused. Lyn was very professional and helpful in helping me understand where I needed to make changes and how to do it. I would be pleased to recommend Lyn to anyone if they are in need of a ‘ship n’ shape up’ session in getting their lives back on track and guidance in taking control of their lives to achieve their goals. JC

A good foundation was laid for making a career change and pursuing my life path. I felt more uplifted in my choices and more organized. Lyn is very professional and at the same time, very caring and encouraging. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or use her myself again in the future. Right after my session with Lyn, I knew in my heart what my life path was. I started working on the list we made and things are rolling along at a good pace. I have momentum. LS

Lyn was very helpful and had many good suggestions that could be put to use immediately. I had a wonderful experience with Lyn as my Coach, and learned so much from her. I want to thank her for her time and patience with me. MR

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Meditation Classes  

May 2003

"To Whom It May Concern: 

I started participating in Lyn Ayre’s Meditation class approximately four months ago. I was attending once a week for two hours, a total of 12 classes, twenty-four hours. I thoroughly enjoyed each class. Lyn’s personality is warm and peaceful. I found her to be very knowledgeable in the different techniques involving meditation. Each week I learned something different.

She had a good balance achieved by incorporating soft music, guided visualizations, and use of crystals.  I also participated in playing her many instruments, whether it was a Tibetan Singing Bowl, native drum, or chimes.

I often did not want to go home after one of her classes! I felt inspired, restful, and full of energy. I have had lasting peacefulness and serenity since the beginning. Many of the guided meditations have helped me in present day situations where I need grounding and relaxation. My anxiety, nerve, and stress levels have greatly diminished. The principles I learned were easy enough for me to integrate them into everyday life. Thank you, Lyn."

M. K., Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“To me, this course offered a group of people who had the same interest, that showed warmth, caring and interesting meditation stories. It gave me greater insight into them and most important, into me.” AR

“This class helped me to strengthen my relationship with the Spirit of the Universe. I feel renewed and committed to continue on in this vein.” DF

“Sharing with the group and hearing what their meditation experiences were, was enlightening and encouraging.” MC

“I learned new techniques to help me maintain focus in life both while meditating and out in the real world.” BD

“This would be a helpful course to anyone interested in a warm, friendly introduction to meditation and guided visualization practice. It was conducted in a very professional and  supportive atmosphere by Lyn Ayre and I enjoyed the experience very much.”  SR

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"I am so glad to have chosen Lyn as my Reiki teacher.  Her knowledge of Reiki and energy healing, along with all the other modalities she practices is limitless.  She is an incredible teacher.  Loving, compassionate and non-judgmental.  The course was filled with so much useful information, above and beyond the standard.  Lyn supported and encouraged me through the entire process and continues to do so.  Lyn has inspired me to continue learning about and practicing the beautiful, gentle healing of Reiki.  I am immensly grateful to her."
Veronica Hanegraaf, New Westminster, BC


"I am from Mexico. It's great to be here in a so personal course and attunement. Now I'm translating the manuals into Spanish for my courses in Mexico. It's nice to meet people so kind like Lyn and Norm, they are warm and I had great moments with them!"

Gisela Perez, Mexico City, Mexico 


"I appreciated Lyn's easy teaching style. There was no stress and no undue pressure at any time. The presentation of the material was clearly delivered, and more was added as she offered her own helpful hints and techniques. I feel that I have received excellent training for all levels of Reiki." Sister Gladys Bozec, Newfoundland, Canada

"To Whom It May Concern:

I began to see Lyn Ayre in early Dec 2002.  I was in constant pain in my neck, shoulder and side resulting from broken bones and deep bruising I’d received in a car accident in October.  I was also still in the healing process from facial surgery I’d had in May.  My face and throat were still numb and uncomfortable, as the nerves were not healing. 

I am a 53 year-old professional woman.  I had never tried Reiki or any other kind of alternative healing.  I was very skeptical, however I was tired of being in pain and discomfort, and was willing to try just about anything at that point. 

Just before the first session I was very nervous and had no faith whatsoever that this could possibly help.  I closed my eyes and tried to keep an open mind. Immediately after the first session, although I still felt the same level of pain and discomfort, I had to admit that I felt relaxed and well rested.  I booked another appointment for one week later. 

After the second session I began to notice less pain in my neck, shoulder and side.  I also noticed a feeling of relaxation during and after the session.  I had no idea what was happening, but I knew I should continue with the treatments. By the end of Dec the pain from the car accident injuries had subsided substantially and I noticed the numbness in my face and throat was getting better.  I was finally healing. 

It has now been only 2 ˝ months of treatment and although I can still feel where the broken bones are mending there has been no pain at all for over a month.  My face and throat are also well on the road to recovery, I notice improvement every week.  

Three months ago I hadn’t noticed any improvement for a couple of months.  My doctor had told me that some people never completely heal after facial nerve damage and I was worried I may have to live with the numb tingling sensation forever.  I am no longer worried about that. 

Lyn has been wonderful.  She knew I was a sceptic and she made me feel comfortable.  I am continuing with Reiki sessions every 2 weeks.  My main purpose in the beginning was pain relief, but I’ve come to love the feeling of deep relaxation I experience after a session.  If my hectic schedule would allow it, I’d be in sessions once a week or even more often."  


J.D., Coquitlam, BC, Canada  

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 58-year-old male with ankylosing spondylitis who has recently had  quite a severe attack in both my ankles, causing extreme pain & swelling requiring the use of a walking stick and really should have been crutches. After 2 months of suffering, right out of the blue my friend Norman Ayre called me and told me about his wife Lyn’s experience with “Reiki”. In March 2003, I decided to see what Reiki could do for me, since nothing else was giving me any relief including prescribed ibuprofen.

I had 5 sessions of Reiki over a week and a half and felt sufficient improvement that convinced me this system might just be the help I desperately needed, and decided to learn from Lyn how to heal myself.

Well I can’t tell you how much improvement I have seen in just 2 weeks, I am basically free of pain and the swelling has gone almost completely. Today I spent 1 ˝ hours pruning my Hydrangea bush with no ill effects at all.

I would highly recommend Lyn Ayre as a Reiki practitioner and teacher for anyone suffering chronic illnesses."

P.C., Surrey, BC, Canada

One year later, on the first anniversary of this person's attunement to Reiki, we received this letter:

"I just had to send a big thank-you note for the introduction and attunement to Reiki. I have had one of the best years (health-wise) in quite a while. I still get the normal aches and pains associated with my type of arthritis, but I seem to be able to control it simply by doing the Reiki. I have taken very little medication in the last 6-9 months ie: maybe one anti-inflammatory every other month instead of 2 pills per day. I still practice Reiki just about every day, and have lost 15 pounds in the last few months by just not snacking between meals and am feeling much better for it. I am also walking on a fairly regular basis no. I can't walk as fast or as long as I could before my last bad bout of AS otherwise my left ankle starts to get puffy. But I feel like I'm still progressing. Hope you are still getting better from the MS and Lupus, Lyn. I know Norm is as fit as a fiddle. Well, that's all for now, folks. Once again, thank-you for changing the course of my life for the better, and keep on teaching the Reiki. P.C.

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 46 year old mother of three very busy daughters, and this is my testimonial to the wonders of Reiki.

For me, life is very busy each and every day. At least 16 hours of each 24 I spend running my daughters to and from school, volleyball, softball, etc., cleaning our never-ending house, trying to empty the bottomless laundry basket, or tending to our ever-expanding garden. I would say it all keeps me hopping, but sometimes I'm just too tired to hop! That's when a Reiki treatment is essential to my continued well-being.

Lyn, in her gentle and caring way, delivers a relaxing and soothing Reiki treatment. When she's finished, I get up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. It's AMAZING!"

M.D., Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Sacred Sound Sessions

I saw a different colour for each tuning fork used up the spine. The rattling and drumming felt like a relaxing massage. At the end, I felt less stressed out and concerned about the issue I was having. NA

I saw lots of White Light and had many white visuals as Lyn played the crystal bowl. The rattle really shook the cobwebs out of my head. I could feel the heat from Lyn’s hands as each tuning fork was placed along my spine. The singing of the Gayatri Mantra made me feel like a little ‘soul-baby’; I felt so safe. VH

The sounding at the beginning of the session helped me to release a lot of the tension I was feeling. The singing of the mantras touched my heart and I felt it open up. During the drumming, I felt as if I were in the sound; I felt it through to my soul level. I loved this sound session. Thanks, Lyn. JC

I would definitely have another session with Lyn if I wanted to be blissed-out and have my energy balanced. I feel great!  Lyn is calm, professional, and very knowledgeable. AB

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