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Located in Coquitlam, 20 min from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

email us at LynAyre@telus.net  

Your host is Lyn Ayre, Ph. D.

Please note: I answer my email within a 48-hour period. If you do not hear 

from me it could be I'm away on vacation, away for a course, the computer is 

down, or the or the internet is not working. 




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A Living Meditation

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Specifically designed to show you how to handle the daily stresses of daily life. Discover use of breath for different situations. Learn about mental focuses, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Find out how you can be comfortable meditating on the sky train, bus, and ferry, in shopping malls, grocery stores and bank line-ups. A traffic jam or red lights won't bother you anymore because you'll know how to breathe your way through them.

I teach a program that people can take out into the world and use in everyday life. The idea is to fully accept that you may be interrupted during the course of your meditation and to know how to ground yourself if that happens.

Meditation, in and of itself, is not affiliated with any particular religion; it is, rather, practiced by a large percentage of religions, worldwide. People of any faith, or of no particular faith, can fully enjoy the benefits of meditation in daily life. 

This course will work nicely for beginners and those who may know how to meditate, but have let the practice slip away.

The topics covered in the manual are: 


Proper Use of Breath 


Affirmations and Mantras 


Meditations in Daily Life 


Grounding for Stability


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"A Living Meditation" 

a course on Meditation and Spiritual Growth

"A Living Meditation" This course is Spirit-centered in a non-denominational way. The focus is definitely spiritual.

About each section of the course book:

Each section will begin with a clearing meditation, and questions for you to answer for yourself. Then there is a guided visualization meditation (play soothing music, have journaling time, then email me for sharing and discussion). Lastly, a meditation to take out into the world to keep you on balance. 

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The course is based on a prayer I wrote, which follows:

 My Daily Prayer


(C) Lyn Ayre 11February98


Source of All That Is,

I claim the Power of Your Light.

Please, illuminate my path as I 

go forward into today.

Grant me clarity of thought, kindness of spirit, 

courage of heart, and a healthy body,

so that I may become more the person 

I was envisioned to be.




Learn how to relax and rejuvenate through breathing, meditation, and creative visualization. 


Come closer to an understanding your true life-path.


Become more self-aware and gain knowledge of your inner workings. 


Empower yourself to become more of who you were meant to be. 


Each section, you learn two new meditations and practice two others that are shown in the introduction. There is a series of personal questions asked to help you probe the depths of your subconscious. Your answers are for your eyes only so that there is no need to hold back. You can get to the bottom of long-standing issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Section One Topic:     "Source of All That Is,

Section Two Topic:     I claim the power of your Light. Please, illuminate my path as I go forward into today.

Section Three Topic:   Grant me clarity of thought, kindness of Spirit

Section Four Topic:    Courage of Heart, and a healthy body,

Section Five Topic:     So that I may become more the person I was envisioned to be. Om."    

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This is what some my students are saying about this course when it was held as an in-person course at night school…

“To me, this course offered a group of people who had the same interest, that showed warmth, caring, and interesting meditation stories. It gave me greater insight into them and most important, into me.”

“This class helped me to strengthen my relationship with the Spirit of the Universe. I feel renewed and committed to continue on in this vein.”

“Sharing with the group and hearing what their meditation experiences were, was enlightening and encouraging.”  

“Lyn's depth of knowledge about meditation practices, her deep abiding compassion towards me during our one-on-one sessions, and her connection to her Spiritual Source shone through this last month or so big time. I worked my way through the course notes and now have  gained a good knowledge of how I work and how I got this way. I've noticed a lot of improvement in my joy of living quotient. This is really important to me because I've had depression most of my life. This course made me feel lighter and I've been able to maintain it for these last four months, which is why it has taken me so long to do the Course Evaluation for Lyn :). Thanks, Lyn, for helping me to turn my life around. You're the best.”

“I learned new techniques to help me maintain focus in life both while meditating and out in the real world.”

“This would be a helpful course to anyone interested in a warm, friendly introduction to meditation and guided visualization practice. It was conducted in a very professional and  supportive atmosphere by Lyn Ayre and I enjoyed the experience very much.”  


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Relaxing meditation and guided visualization sessions are a blissful experience. After a consultation, while you relax, I will guide you on a peaceful journey and assist you in increasing your awareness of your Chakras or meeting your Soul Guide. You always have the choice of simply going on an inner solitary journey in a safe and secure environment. 

We begin with a short psychic aura cleansing and Chakra balancing and finally, a creative visualization sending you on an excursion of your own choosing. Listen to the bowls and bells or a relaxing meditation CD.

Please email me at lynayre@telus.net for an appointment. Fee: $66.00

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Methods of payment  

please email lynayre@telus.net to make arrangements

Cash/Cheque (if local to Vancouver, BC area),

Money Order/Bank Draft in Canadian Funds, 

Western Union Worldwide Money Transfer

If your bank has Interac, and you do online banking, 

you can also send an email money transfer.

MoneyGram worldwide, and PayPal  

Please Note: All sessions and courses are taken at your own risk. It is understood that all energy sessions offered are for stress relief and relaxation only and do not substitute an alternative to western allopathic medicine rather work hand in hand and are complementary with all other therapies.


The information, writings, artwork, photographs, recipes, sayings, and all other content on this site is (C) 1999-2017

  to Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D. 

Please respect this. Thank you.