Sacred Sound Sessions-shifting energy through musical mechanics

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Sound Healing Sessions & Training


Located in Coquitlam, 20 min from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

email us at  

Your host is Lyn Ayre, Ph. D.

Please note: I answer my email within a 48-hour period. If you do not hear 

from me it could be I'm away on vacation, away for a course, the computer is 

down, or the or the internet is not working. 




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Bells of the Himalayas Tibetan Bowls

Certification Process

Dolphins - Sonic Frequencies 

Good Vibrations Tuning Forks

Meditation Music

Methods of Payment

Training Information & Pricing




"Good Vibrations" - Tuning Forks

Tuning Fork Course Cover.jpg (140239 bytes)

Combines the use of tuning forks, rattles, rain stick, tingshas, and colour to effect a full vibrational shift. You will need a full harmonic set of tuning forks ie: C to C; a rain stick, rattle, tingshas, and colour swatches to do this type of healing. 

"Bells of the Himalayas"

3 HIMALAYAN BOWLS 2.JPG (88739 bytes)

Combines the use of metal singing bowls, ganta, dorje, chimes, gong, tingshas, and voice. You will need at least three metal bowls, ganta, dorje, tingshas, and a willingness to use your voice to do this type of healing. 

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  Balancing Sonic Frequencies of Dolphins... Enjoy!


Methods of payment  

please email to make arrangements

Cash/Cheque (if local to Vancouver, BC area),

Money Order/Bank Draft in Canadian Funds, 

Western Union Worldwide Money Transfer

If your bank has Interac, and you do online banking, 

you can also send an email money transfer.

MoneyGram worldwide, and PayPal  

Please Note: All sessions and courses are taken at your own risk. It is understood that all energy sessions offered are for stress relief and relaxation only and do not substitute an alternative to western allopathic medicine rather work hand in hand and are complementary with all other therapies.

In-person Students Payment Information

Please pre-register for all courses at least 10 days in advance of the date so you have time to mail the payment and Registration Form and I have time to make the workbook/s for you. There will be no opportunity for registering within 10 days of an in-person class. Your payment includes a non-refundable deposit, which is required for all courses prior to creating your manual. When you email me, I will give you the address to send your payment to.

The cost of the textbooks/suggested reading books are over and above the cost of the course.

This is the ‘fine print’. Please, read carefully.  

For students paying by cash, cheque, or money order

Please send your full payment made payable to Lyn E. Ayre, along with the Registration Form. This includes a non-refundable portion to hold your place in the class.

A receipt will be issued for all monies paid on training day.  

There are no refunds within one week of the class, however, you can book a seat in the next class of its type. 

There is a $35.00 fee on any payments that are not honoured, plus the bank charges.

Thank you.  

Certification Process

This in-person class is an experiential event and the real work is done at home after the class. I offer my students a learning curve with complete availability to them after the workshop through email or the phone.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance, which states you have a basic understanding of the procedures. Some folks are happy with this as they just want the training for themselves or their close family. That is fine.

Should you wish to go further and be in service to others, there are projects to complete and email to me, 10 case studies, and a proctored written exam, which you can do in the privacy of your own home using your husband or another person as your proctor. You’ll then receive a Certificate of Achievement in your chosen area, as well as a passing grade noted. You can then feel really confident that you know the material, know how to help someone by using the techniques, and be able to give them different ways to look at something that they might not thought of before. You’ll also be able to answer all of their questions. 

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Most Recent Release


Elemental Alchemy.JPG (82925 bytes)

"Elemental Alchemy

featuring the Himalayan singing bowls,  Chao gong, and tuning forks. 

Produced by Ayre's Digital Doodlings. Made in Canada.


Here are clips from the four songs recorded on my meditation C D. It opens with a short gong meditation. Running time: 45 minutes; $18.00 & $3.00 shipping & handling.


This CD opens with several strikes to the Chao Gong, calling you to come and relax.


2-Coastal Rains clip.mp3

 You look out the window and the garden resembles a Monet painting. A drop on the pane captures your attention and you follow it down the glass, going deep into a meditative state...


3-River Fog clip.mp3

The fog is thick as pea soup and the warning buoy is bobbing and sounding on the river. It tells the tug boat operators that there is danger so steer clear.


4-Thunder Storms.mp3

The first three drops fall, then the torrent begins. The thunder is rolling in the distance. Lightening flashes across the sky, and as the storm gets closer, the thunder gets louder. It is thrilling to the heart.


5-Snow Day clip.mp3

A Bright Snow Day; time to stay home from work and school and play. Make some snow angels in your mind.


Please email me at with your order and I will send you an invoice to pay.


Lyn with Bells of the Himalayas.jpg (284976 bytes)

"Bells of the Himalayas

featuring the Himalayan singing bowls, Ganta, table chimes, rainstick, voice, wind chimes, Chao gong, and tuning forks. 

Produced by Made in Canada.


Here are clips from the five songs recorded on my meditation CD Running time: 42 minutes; $18.00 & $3.00 shipping & handling. 


Autumn Equinox clip.mp3

Bells of the Himalayas clip.mp3

Triangles clip.mp3

Pools of Water clip.mp3

Sacral Symphony clip.mp3


"...the soundscape of your CD provided me with a peaceful background to do some energy sessions. I liked all of the tracks and here are some comments, in case you find them useful. Autumn Equinox immediately sets me into a deep meditative state and the whistle sent me flying out of my body; then Bells of the Himalayas gave me a peaceful experience taking me back to when I was a kid and heard the neighbourhood church bells. Triangles is a little more whimsical, producing a vision of a couple waltzing across a shiny hardwood floor. Pools of Water brings on a rainy day feeling of lighting the fireplace and settling down with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa. Sacral Symphony helps me drop even deeper into the healing journey especially with the bass section. The surprize ending on the last track made me feel truly blessed by this CD. Thank you, Lyn, for producing this lovely sound healing experience." LL, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Please email me at with your order and I will send you an invoice to pay.


Shanti Inner Peace website photo.jpg (170092 bytes)

"Shanti~ Inner Peace" 


Running time: 42 minutes; $18.00 & $3.00 shipping & handling. 


The soothing, healing, meditative sounds of the Himalayan Healing Bowls, chimes, and Ganta with Dorje. This CD is great for morning devotionals and features three songs woven together. The first is "Awakening" followed by "Sunrise" and then "Blessings & Peace". 

This music is a wonderful complement to any healing session or massage. 

There is a meditation included on the inside jacket. 

Produced by Made in Canada.


Below are three clips:


Shanti sample one.mp3

Shanti sample two.mp3

Shanti sample three.mp3

Please email me at with your order and I will send you an invoice to pay.


--Coming Soon--

"Blessings & Peace" 


I'm in the midst of creating a new CD of chants and meditation music called "Blessings & Peace" and here are a few sample bites for your listening pleasure...


Dona Nobis Pacem clip.mp3

Halleluiah clip.mp3

Gayatri Mantra clip.mp3

Kadosh clip.mp3

Om Mani Padme Hum clip.mp3

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