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Training in 11 Energy Healing Modalities


"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."    Albert Einstein


Please read this page thoroughly before going to the side links of my six main courses: Chakras & Ch'i, Crystal & Colour, Meridian Tech, Meditation, Reiki, and Sound Healing, as there are 5 more listed below.


Please locate the Quick Links, just down a bit, to see my other course information and the pricing.


Located in Coquitlam, 20 min from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

email us at LynAyre@telus.net or NormanAyre@telus.net 

Your host is Lyn Ayre, Ph. D.

Please note: I answer my email within a 48-hour period. If you do not hear 

from me it could be I'm away on vacation, away for a course, the computer is 

down, or the or the internet is not working. 


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"I believe in people, in their hopes & dreams, and that we are all from ONE Source, whatever name we give it. We are connected. I am in service to people who want to become more of who they were meant to be and who are willing to do the work on themselves to achieve their highest potential." Lyn Ayre, 2003


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Single Courses



Academy of Energy Healing


Quality correspondence (guided home-study courses), and in-person courses

 for a reasonable investment.


Academy of Energy Healing is a place where you can relax and learn in a safe and holistic environment. We facilitate learning in a variety of complementary modalities. Our purpose is to pass on love, light, and laughter to each individual with whom we come in contact. 

Every student can depend on our utmost care and concern. 

Confidentiality is guaranteed. 


If you see a little form asking you for your password, just press cancel.


I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

with a Ph. D. in Energy Healing.

I'm available for talks, demonstrations, 

and workshops for your company.

Please email LynAyre@telus.net for details.



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We are accredited…


Accreditation is a process by which a school/academy/college submits to a voluntary review of their curriculum to ensure it meets acceptable levels of quality and the standards of the board of the accrediting body. This ensures that students receive proper training in support of their chosen career path. Academy of Energy Healing is accredited through the International Natural Healers Association. 


What does Accreditation mean.pdf


Investiture Ceremony For Lyn


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International Natural Healers' Association

Certificate Number: 11041009

My teaching Philosophy:

The more we are exposed to ideas and concepts, the more comfortable we become until, in the end, they seem quite obvious and even commonplace. As a teacher, I use repetition to assist me in presenting the information in all formats: visual, audio, and kinaesthetic, so no matter how you learn, you will learn. Themes are presented and reviewed until the tasks become second nature to you. 

We enjoy membership in:


*Sound Healers Association  

*Association of Holistic Practitioners - lifetime member

*Healing Music Organization

*International Association of Coaches

*International Natural Healers' Association - lifetime member

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Our students are international... 


...coming to the Academy of Energy Healing from all over the world including Tobago, Barbados, Mexico, England, and all across Canada and the United States. Becoming a correspondence student is easier than ever with our new technology. Your course materials arrive quickly and in great condition. I will email a .pdf copy of the manual so you can get started right away. Whether you print it off or not is up to you. The world is truly shrinking while we expand our knowledge base  : ,)


Taking courses and becoming Certified:

For information on taking these courses separately, see descriptions below. 

The difference between 'just taking a course for interest's sake, and receiving a certificate of attendance', and doing the course so you can use it in your practice and being awarded a certificate of Practitioner or Teacher, is a matter of completing the home projects, doing the case studies, and taking the proctored exam. For instance, if you would like to be a 'Crystal Healing Practitioner' and add this modality to your repertoire, you would need to complete the Level One Crystal Healing course, do the self-healing component, do the case studies, complete all the projects, and write the proctored exam. If you would like to teach Crystal Healing, you would need to do both levels, completing all the requirements. If you just want to take a crystal class for interest's sake and are not concerned with being certified as a practitioner, then you don't need to do the homework and you'll receive a certificate of attendance only. Should you decide later on that you would like to become a practitioner, you will need to then meet the requirements and I will upgrade your certificate.


A philosophy to live by (written in 2001):


These things I know for sure:

Intention with Action is Everything

Everything is Energy

Everything is Connected

Everything is Changing


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Main Courses Offered: 


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Please view each page for details, pricing, and to make a payment, unless otherwise noted. 

When you open a document, if you see a little box asking for your password, just press 'Cancel'


Anatomy & Physiology for Holistic Studies E-Course  (guided home-study course) $275.00, which will assist you in locating various parts of the body and give you a fair working knowledge and awareness of the various systems of the body and how to relate them with the Energy System. Topics include:


Balancing The Imbalances


Personal Assessment Chart


Energy Anatomy - sustaining the physical being


The Special Senses - ESP and beyond


The Skin - our largest organ


Muscular/Skeletal System - our structure; holding it together


Circulatory System - life-giving blood


Lymphatic System - immunity and protection


Nervous System - the electrical charge


Endocrine System - the chemical bath


Respiratory System - the breath of life


Digestive System - from food to feces


Urinary/Kidney System - flowing down the river


Reproductive System - the process of creation


The Five Senses – Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Touch

This is a solid course though it is not an academic course, rather it is a general overview from an 'energy' point of view and will likely not stand in other areas of study with a mainstream college or academy. This course was written by me and so no other A&P course is like it.

It will take about three months to complete this A&P Course, at the end of which, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  

Please email me at lynayre@telus.net for details  

A & P for Holisitic Studies (plus shipping & handling).   

Business course: Spirit of a Holistic BusinessE-Course (guided home-study course) $275.00  This course covers such topics as:                                         


Getting Started                               


Our Potential




Minding Your Business


Cruising The Super Highway          


Ready To Launch




Growing Your Practice




My Vision Manifested                     


Articles & Appendices


Final Report


This course takes about three months to complete. I offer support and a Study Guide that guides you through this course book. As you go along, I include my own thoughts, comments, articles, and experiences as an Entrepreneur for the last three decades. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course.

Please email me at lynayre@telus.net for details

Spirit of a Holistic Business (plus shipping & handling).   

Bells of the Himalayas Sound Healing - This one-day workshop from 10-5 is in-person only with on-going mentoring. Covers: the Himalayan singing bowls - Nepalese, Bhutanese, and Tibetan; the ganta & dorje; chimes; tingshas; and voice. You will need at least three bowls as well as the other instruments mentioned to complete this course. For complete details, please email LynAyre@telus.net $200.00

To receive certification, please read here

Bells of the Himalayas    


Chakras and Energy Bodies "Chakras & Ch'i" a fundamentals course for energy workers and a great way to begin your foray into the world of energy healing.  E-correspondence course (guided home-study course) $275.00 Practitioner Level. Your Certificate will say, "Certified Chakras & Ch'i Practitioner".

Chakras & Ch'i (plus shipping & handling).   


Crystal Healing Course "In The Light I Crystal & Colour Healing" on the basics of crystal and colour healing: beginners to intermediates. The one-day workshop is from 10-5 in-person with on-going mentoring. To receive certification, please read here. Can also be taken through E-correspondence (guided home-study course) $200.00 

In The Light I  

Advanced Crystal Healing Course   "In The Light II" advanced.  Due to the amount of research on the book report,  thesis, and doing the case studies, this course is offered through E-correspondence only (guided home-study course)Requires a thesis on crystal healing.  Pre-requisite is "In The Light I". $275.00 Your Certificate will say: “In The Light” Crystal & Colour Healing Practitioner & Teacher

In The Light II (plus shipping & handling).   


"A New Freedom" Meridian Technologies  Includes information and training in EFT-tapping and Meridian Hold-Point Therapy, Energy Testing, and "Energy Medicine" techniques, Huna techniques, Reframing, and Core Beliefs. In-Person two-day workshop from 10-5 pm $300.00 

To receive certification, please read here

EFT & Meridian Technologies   


"Good Vibrations" Sound Healing  - This one-day workshop from 10-5 is in-person only with on-going mentoring. Combines the use of tuning forks, rattles, rain stick, tingshas, and colour to effect a full vibrational shift. You will need a full harmonic set of tuning forks ie: C to C; a rain stick, rattle, tingshas, and colour swatches to practice this modality. Please email LynAyre@telus.net for more details. $200.00 

To receive certification, please read here

Good Vibrations  

"Living Your Potential in the NOW" - What is our 'potential'? Why are we holding ourselves back? How is my 'story' impeding my progress in life? How can I develop my personal potential and live the 'life of my dreams'? This one-day workshop is inspiring and uplifting showing you what it takes to make the changes towards living your best and most fulfilling life. In-person only. From 10-5 pm $200.00 For more information, please email LynAyre@telus.net Get a group of five other people together and earn your own tuition.

Living Your Potential in the NOW  

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Course "A Living Meditation"; this course is taught  by correspondence (guided home-study course). $200.00 Sections are reviewed via email.

A Living Meditation  

Meditation in a busy world "Relax~Release~Renew" This course is taught by guided home study. Covers: the use of breath, various relaxation techniques, mantras, mudras, grounding, and many other topics. Please email LynAyre@telus.net for more details. $200.00

Relax Release Renew  



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About My Logo – the Rainbow Caduceus

This symbol depicts the Kundalini rising, which is represented by two snakes, winding their way back and forth around the Sushumna. The snakes are of indicative of Ida (the feminine principle) and Pengala (the masculine principle), and, along with the Sushumna, these three vessels comprise the main energy arteries or Nadi. As they entwine the Sushumna, they create circles, wherein the Chakras rest. Chakras are the primary centers of electromagnetic energy in the body.  The Infinity symbol atop the staff reminds us that everything is energy and energy cannot die, it goes on for infinity.

This representation has absolutely no relationship to Hermes and Greek mythology or to the medical insignia. The double serpent on the staff was solely a representation of the Kundalini coursing up the body from the sacrum to the crown of the head. The wings at the top of the staff actually represent the seventh Chakra.

In Buddhist folklore, Buddha once meditated under the tree of the serpent king. When a rainstorm threatened to drench Buddha, a giant cobra wrapped himself around Buddha's body seven times and opened his hood to keep him dry.

I became attracted to this symbol in my teens, when my dream was to become a medical doctor. I decided to go another route. When I took a good look at the medical insignia last year, I realized only one snake was holding onto the staff. It struck me then that allopathic medicine has only half the answer. Energy Healing is the other half. One day, we will work side-by-side. This is my dream. My logo reminds me of this every time I see it.

Blessings and Peace,

Dr. Lyn E. Ayre, Ph. D. Energy Healing


Methods of payment

Cash/Cheque (if local to Vancouver, BC area),

Money Order/Bank Draft in Canadian Funds, 

Western Union Worldwide Money Transfer

If your bank has Interac, and you do online banking, 

you can also send an email money transfer.

MoneyGram worldwide, and PayPal  

Please email me at lynayre@telus.net and I'll send you an invoice to pay. In the case of a guided home study course, once paid, I'll email the course.


Please Note: prices are subject to change without notice.

Please Note: All sessions and courses are taken at your own risk. It is understood that all energy sessions offered are for stress relief and relaxation only and do not substitute an alternative to western allopathic medicine rather work hand in hand and are complementary with all other therapies.

In-person Students Payment Information

Please pre-register for all courses at least 10 days in advance of the date so you have time to mail the payment and Registration Form and I have time to make the workbook/s for you. There will be no opportunity for registering within 10 days of an in-person class. Your payment includes a non-refundable deposit, which is required for all courses prior to creating your manual. When you email me, I will give you the address to send your payment to.

The cost of the textbooks/suggested reading books are over and above the cost of the course.

This is the ‘fine print’. Please, read carefully.  

For in-person students paying by cash, cheque, or money order

Please send your full payment made payable to Lyn E. Ayre, along with the Registration Form. This includes a non-refundable portion to hold your place in the class.

A receipt will be issued for all monies paid on training day.  

There are no refunds within one week of the class, however, you can book a seat in the next class of its type. 

There is a $35.00 fee on any payments that are not honoured, plus the bank charges.

Thank you.

Refund Policy

This is an E-correspondence course and as such may be started at any time convenient to you. I do not offer a refund once the course has been emailed out as, by that time, you have the full course material hence all that you need, and that I have put my heart into creating, to learn the art of the course you have ordered.

Thank you.



Kind Words…

"I came up from Mexico for the course. It's great to be here in a so personal Reiki course and attunement. Now I'm translating the manuals into Spanish for my courses in Mexico. It's nice to meet people so kind like Lyn and Norm, they are warm and I had great moments with them!" Gisela Perez, Reiki  Master/Teacher, Mexico City, Mexico

"I’m so glad I found you and your course on crystals, Lyn. I feel very comfortable doing a healing both for myself and for others. Thank you for your caring ways and insights into crystal energy." IM, Mission

"Lyn, I thoroughly enjoyed your Chakras & Ch’i course. I am amazed at the things I’ve learned about myself. I see people quite differently, now. Some very old issues have been cleared for me, since I’ve learned how to keep my system in balance. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are." CG, Pt Moody

"Lyn's enthusiasm for and knowledge of EFT made this training very effective for me. I came away with a clear working knowledge of EFT and a strong desire to use what I learned." CC, Bellingham

"… I thoroughly enjoyed each meditation class. Lyn’s personality is warm and peaceful. I found her to be very knowledgeable in the different techniques involving meditation. Each week I learned something different. She had a good balance achieved by incorporating soft music, guided visualizations, use of crystals, aromatic oils, incense, and candles.

    Many of the guided meditations have helped me in present day situations where I need grounding and relaxation. My anxiety, nerve and stress levels have greatly diminished. The principles I learned were easy enough for me to integrate into my everyday life. Thank you, Lyn." MK,   Port Coquitlam  

"I not only learned how to play my drum, I learned how to allow the drum to play me. The information, in the Drumming & Journeying with Reiki workshop, was timely, helpful and infinitely more than I had ever expected. The instructions were clear and concise and re-enforced by the doing. I have found a new appreciation and love in drumming that I wasn't aware was part of my being. I can't wait to share it with others. I found out how powerful drumming & journeying are and how easy to accomplish. These new tools will be an integral component in my taking control of my own journey. I have few words to express the gratitude for the gifts Lyn shared in the last two days. I came in only four days after abdominal surgery; in pain, hunched over, and I had difficulty speaking. I am leaving standing upright, very little pain, and with a strong voice. Thank you, Lyn,  I can't wait for Level Two. :)" CTE Port Moody, BC

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General Reading List 

There are a lot of great books to read. Some will help you decide which complementary methods are right for you and some have great general and lifestyle information. Here are some of the ones that I have read and studied over the years. The ones that are highlighted are some of the required reading for the various courses.


Reiki – The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual

The Spirit of Reiki

The Original Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Fire

Empowerment Through Reiki

Mastering Reiki

Reiki – A Key To Your Personal Healing Power

Reiki – An Introduction

Reiki With Gemstones

The Book On Karuna Reiki


Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook

Accepting Your Power To Heal - Therapeutic Touch

Light Emerging  

Hands of Light

Energy Medicine

Energy Prescriptions

The Promise of Energy Psychology

Your Body Doesn't Lie

Reflexology-a practical introduction

Life Energy

Basic Applied Feng Shui

The Western Guide to Feng Shui


Love is in the Earth

Healing With Crystals and Gemstones

The Book of Crystal Healing  

The Crystal Bible

The Illustrated Guide to Crystals  

The Complete Chakra Handbook  

How to Heal with Colour

Mastering Your Hidden Self – Huna  

The Urban Shaman– Huna  

Huna Healing– Huna  

The Way of the Shaman

Soul Retrieval

Welcome Home

Shamanic Spirit

Animal Speak

Shamanic Journeying

Shaman Wisdom ~ Shaman Healing

Secrets of Shamanism

Singing Bowl exercises

Sacred Drumming


Reframing – NLP

Frogs into Princes – NLP


Where Science Meets Spirit

Seat of the Soul

Life Make-Overs

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Simple Abundance

Life Strategies

Self Matters  

Power vs. Force

The God Code


The Celestine Prophecies

The Tenth Insight

The Experiential Guide to the Celestine Prophecies  

The Celestine Vision

The Secrets of Shamballa


Kahlil Gibran

The Power of Now  

The Power of Intention

Lost Books of the Bible

Hidden Messages in Water

Little Book of Bleeps

Little Book of Joy


Ask and it is Given

Arch Angels and Ascended Masters



Certification Process

This in-person class is an experiential event and the real work is done at home after the class. I offer my students a learning curve with complete availability to them after the workshop through email or the phone.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance, which states you have a basic understanding of the procedures. Some folks are happy with this as they just want the training for themselves or their close family. That is fine.

Should you wish to go further and be in service to others, there are projects to complete and email to me, 10 case studies, and a proctored written exam, which you can do in the privacy of your own home using your husband or another person as your proctor. You’ll then receive a Certificate of Achievement in your chosen area, as well as a passing grade noted. You can then feel really confident that you know the material, know how to help someone by using the techniques, and be able to give them different ways to look at something that they might not thought of before. You’ll also be able to answer all of their questions.  

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The information, writings, artwork, photographs, recipes, sayings, and all other content on this site is (C) 1999-2017

  to Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D. 

Please respect this. Thank you.