Who Is Lyn Elizabeth Ayre?

Join me on this path of joy, peace, & serenity...

Born July 8, 1951, she was raised in New Westminster, BC, Canada. Lyn has three grown children and six grandchildren. She has made Coquitlam her home for twenty-six years. 

Ms. Ayre has been creating and teaching Holistic Courses since 1972. As a teacher, Lyn shared her knowledge of various subjects through several correspondence courses to students worldwide. She taught twenty-five courses on Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth. Earning her PhD in Energy Healing, she holds certificates in over nine dozen modalities about the realms of the unseen, unknown, and the relatively unexplored. 

Lyn taught The Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner (CHEP) program, a group of courses including: Reiki to Master Level; Chakras & Ch’i; Crystals & Colour I and II; Meridian Technologies; Sound & Light Healing; Anatomy & Physiology for Holistic Healers; and a Business Course for Holistic Healers.  

She has written dozens of songs and created three CD’s of music featuring the Tibetan Singing bowls and supporting musical instruments. For eighteen years, she had a colourful career as a country rock singer. Then she taught Sound Healing and vibrational medicine. 

Ms. Ayre is the author of over a dozen books: poetry, prose, meditation, and a couple of children’s books. Most recently, her memoir, “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole” has been published through FriesenPress. 

Creating hundreds of fractals using computer algorithms, she gifts them to her family, friends, and students to be used as energy sources in their personal or office space. 

Working in acrylics, water colour, alcohol ink, pastels, clay, and digital media is where she finds relaxation. 

The gifts of Gaia Mother Earth have not gone unnoticed by Lyn. Aligning with the plant kingdom, she created beautifully spiritual Natural Perfumes using essential oils and absolutes. As a Master Herbalist she grew her own medicinal herb garden, creating tinctures, teas, and capsules from the flowers, leaves, and roots. She also practised Aromatherapy and created her own line of natural bath and beauty products. In 2010, she bought a hydro-distiller to create hydrosols and small quantities of essential oils. 

Crystals and gemstones have had a deep influence on her personal healing journey. She has over 600 staying with her right now.  

Meditation and Reiki self-healing is how she begins each day. When connected to Source and aligned with Gaia, she is full of inspiration, energy, and action, enjoying varied and eclectic days of passion, peace, and purpose. ThetaHealing, Feng Shui, and Astrology round out her areas of study. 

Once side-lined by several severe health issues, Lyn Ayre has found her way to a life of service, hope, and joy.

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