Welcome to my Abstract Art Page

I hope you enjoy perusing my site. If you like one of my paintings, just email me lynayre@telus.net and ask your questions ie: size, price, medium. Then to purchase, just send an e-money transfer from your bank to mine via my email address. Or, you can ask that I send you a Request for Funds through PayPal. So simple;  so safe. 

I create all of my art with that extra ingredient of love. I work with mindfulness, emotion, and energy. All of my pieces are meant to be thought-provoking and ever-changing with your mood and mind. This is what abstract art is all about. It’s true that I have named them and oriented them with my signature. This shouldn’t stop you from fully enjoying this type of art and all it has to offer. For instance, Spirit Animals – when situated in portrait, I can see all kinds of animal eyes and noses but when in landscape, I see the face of a golden Buddha. These are abstracts so they can be whatever you need them to be in the moment. 

My Artistic Spirit has taken me through many expressions – acrylics, pottery, watercolour, photographs, alcohol ink, fractals, digital imagery, cooking, writing, baking, necklaces, perfumery, and gardening. I've been told, since I was a child, that I had an Artists' Eye. I see beauty in a pile of pea pod ends with curly strings attached. The way life is lived in the moment with all its colour and vibrancy, aroma and sound, struck a chord in me. I broke it down into its very essence of colour, shape, form, structure… 

I've taken thousands of photographs in my lifetime. I worked in my computer's digital lab manipulating these pictures until I achieve the look I want to convey. I've learned to create fractal images and other digital art. Using mathematical algorithms, I layer shape, form, and colour until I get the image I desire. 

Pottery has played a big role in my life and I find working with clay very soothing and satisfying. Baking and cooking and other forms of creative art therapy through colour and aroma has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. In the beginning, I wanted to become a watercolour artist but soon found I didn't have the patience to do the layering required at that time in my life. So I decided to do acrylics because they dried faster and I could paint over my mistakes. I've taken many classes and workshops on this medium and the bulk of my work is in acrylics. That being said, I've taken watercolour classes and alcohol ink classes and I'm working in 

all three mediums today. 

I went through a phase where I wanted to be a realist. My eye actually sees something quite different so I've had to follow that path and I do so happily today. Twenty-six years ago, I wasn't happy about this and forced three good realistic paintings out of myself. I've been told they are 'gallery-worthy' and these are the ones I will keep in my private collection to remind myself where I've come from. I’m ever so happy to be an acrylic abstract artist for the most part. It feeds my soul in a very literal and metaphoric way. 

In 2016, the death of my beautiful husband plummeted me to my depths and, in order to survive the grief, I discovered the true artist within me. Art helped me to work through one of the most challenging and heartbreaking times of my life. I’ve claimed my prize –  a free-spirited, more meaningful life. 

I found healing through art.