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These are e-books in .pdf format, which are easily read on your computer, or printed off and taken with you.  

Ordering made easy:  Since these books are sold exclusively through me, I've kept it simple. Please email with your selection, so I can get it queued up. Send an e-money transfer through my email, and I will email you the PDF book or paper.    Or, you can ask that I send you a Request for Funds through PayPal.  

Note:  Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole is now out in print copy, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and various popular formats. See the Page 'Fragments' for more details.

The Grateful Gourmet

"The Grateful Gourmet"  Mom's home-cookin' made easy. A personal treasure of tried and true family recipes, all of which are delicious. 59 Recipes plus tips on shopping, safe food handling, food storage  

32 pages; 1998  $15.00

Standing Full Of Light

Now healed from a seemingly hopeless state of health, Lyn can fully appreciate a life of Light, Love, and Laughter. Her wonder about how her Spirit works in her life fills Lyn with awe. Everyday mundane things have taken on a new meaning – a brightness – that they have never had before. As she says, “LOVE is the bass note, the voices of my husband and I sharing late into the night are the melody, and the sounds of my family are the harmony, which fill my moments with music.”  

39 pages; 2005   ISBN  978-0-9731427-8-5  $15.00

Little Book of Meditations

Includes twenty-seven Meditations written over the last twenty-five years, tips for meditating, and frequently asked questions.    

56 pages; 2004   ISBN 978-0-9731427-7-8  $15.00 

Of This Space and Time

Pure poetry in praise of life, love, and laughter. Having come to the middle years of my life, I have a new perspective to offer. 

70 pages; 2000   ISBN 978-0-9731427-2-3   $15.00

Phrases & Fractals

A compilation of inspiring notes along side twenty-five gorgeous full-colour energy fractals. Notes and fractals were created soley by me.

51 pages, 2008 ISBN 978-0-9731427-9-2 $15.00