Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole-a memoir


About the Book

“Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole” is my novel-length memoir about how I survived the constant abuse, rape, subsequent addiction, and on-going health challenges of my life. I was born in the 1950s when there was very little recourse for victims, and situations like mine were the norm rather than unusual occurrences. We were taught that people just had to shut up and take it.  

The number one comment about this book is that it’s inspiring. People are amazed that one person can go through all of this and come out of it spiritually intact. Folks who know me say they would never have guessed I’d gone through what I did. “That happened to me,too! I am not the only one!” is another common comment.  

By nature, I prefer to get off the problem and onto the solution as soon as I can. So, to that end, I’m developing podcasts and pdf books that will further help the reader towards the Made Whole part of this book. Everyone gets their egg cracked in one way or another through parents or their own divorce, incest, rape, drug addiction, health issues, bullying, the list goes on. It’s what we do about it that counts. Can we incorporate these happenings into our life, learn from them, and go on to help others through our own experience? 

That is my purpose in writing this book. Fortunately for me, I went on to have a beautiful twenty-nine year relationship with the best person I’d ever met. We were as happy as a couple could be for all of those years.  

252 pages originally offered in 2002  Published 2018 by FriesenPress. 

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Press Release

Press Release  "Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole" is a book about a woman who has a continual spiritual recovery from childhood sexual abuse, absent father, rape, lousy relationships, foster care, addictions, alcoholism, and multiple miscarriages and marriages. She goes on to have a warm, heart-centred relationship with a loving husband for over twenty-nine years. She learns to develop nurturing relationships, a purpose-filled niche for herself, and beautiful hobbies, which eventually morph into her final career.   

"Lyn Ayre is a word-wizard who can shape shift even the most horrific life incidents into palatable paragraphs. She then blends them into a story of an unbeatable spirit who strives to pull the pieces of her life into a coherent whole." S. MacMillan   

Lyn puts it best, "Writing has helped me to weave all of these threads into the tapestry of me. I am unique, as we all are. No two of us are alike. My story will resonate with many who struggle to overcome their demons and find a way to let their own light shine. I used the keys of willingness and faith to unlock my hidden spiritual potential. So can you."


“This courageous story of personal and spiritual survival in the face of huge challenges is told in an intimate voice that holds nothing back from the reader. In places harrowing to read, it is difficult to put down.” Eileen Kernaghan, author of nine books including ‘Sophie, in Shadow’   

"This personal memoir spans the vast array of human emotions, as Lyn chronicles her life-long search for a deeper spiritual connection. Her story will resonate with those who long to find peace while faced with incredible challenges.” Pauline Neck, author of ‘Removing the Sting’ and ‘Discovering the Goodness of God’”  

"Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole is a raw and honest memoir. Lyn Ayre walks her readers through her personal struggle with abuse, addiction, and health. This is one woman’s journey of healing and overcoming her fear.” Farida Somjee, author of ‘The Beggar’s Dance’   

“One of the books to read on this topic! The author relates the extraordinary and ordinary events of her life as if she is conversing with the reader. The result is uplifting. The message is that life is to be experienced on life’s terms-both good and bad, happy and sad. Loved it!” Constance Bygrave, PhD, Assistant Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University   

“Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole is a compelling memoir that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Lyn Ayre bravely shares about the traumatic experiences, which took her down a dark path, and the self-healing that saved her. This book not only helps the reader understand that they are not alone in whatever challenges they may be facing, but that they, too, can find a path to not only coping but healing and thriving. A powerful book that will give you strength.” Melanie Cossey, author of ‘A Peculiar Curiosity’

"A good read particularly for people with chronic pain. Lyn Ayre's memoir reflects her search for peace within her soul and (I believe) her belief that for the spirit to be whole it must find balance. Lyn's book will have a message for many. A very interesting and thought provoking read." Marilyn E.

"If I didn't know Lyn in person, I wouldn't believe that this was a true story. I would have said, 'No, it's impossible for someone to have gone through so much and still come out of it with a positive outlook'. Lyn is a true survivor and Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole is a testament to her inner strength. I couldn't put the book down, and read it in two nights." Erik D.

"I have just finished reading Fragments of a shattered soul Made Whole. I had many tears while reading it, my God, this woman has been through so much stuff in her life, it is truly inspirational that she managed to come through all of it and be Whole, and Sane, and Loving and Giving and Alive. Lyn Ayre tells her own story of a life filled with tragedies and struggles and how she overcame them and was able to heal. Her story gave me hope. A Very worthwhile read." Robin L.

"I finished it in a day and a half; couldn't put it down. Amazing." Gerry W. 

"No story that I can recall has made me laugh, cry and feel my heart bloom with love over and over throughout the book. It's truly a heart-warming miracle to see where someone can come from and what they can then achieve spiritually. I treasured this memoir and in someways I'm certain there are parts to re-read to gain strength as certain tragedies or issue arise in my own life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever experienced a painful past and feels deep down there is the possibility to heal from it. Lyn eloquently shows us how." Suzy

"This book is full of hope and joy, and shows a clear-cut path to wellness. There are a lot of great tips to survivors of assault, addiction, and chronic illness." Alana B

"This is both a heartwarming and heartbreaking memoir of the author's life, being brought up in a home filled with love but and dark secrets. Fragments is raw and honest. Author Lyn Ayre boldly shares her trauma, her sorrows and fears, and her difficult journey in navigating her early life growing up in New Westminster and the surrounding area in the 50s/60s. The author compassionately shares how she healed from her past traumas and went on to forgive those who harmed her, either intentionally or unintentionally. This is a great book for anyone on the healing path. Lyn is so aware and her story can only help those seeking to reach a similar place in their life. Really enjoyed this!" Melanie

"This is a great book for anyone who is or has been dealing with these difficult subjects. Lyn Ayre has written about her troubled childhood and early life and has come out the other end well adjusted. I look forward to her next book." Valerie S

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