Companion PDFs to "Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole"


PDF Books For Sale

A Living Meditation $13.00 

A journey into peace and spiritual development. Learn how to relax and rejuvenate through breathing, meditation, and creative visualization. Come  to a better understanding of your true life-path. Become more self-aware and gain knowledge of your inner workings. Empower yourself to become more of who you were meant to be.   

Relax~Release~Renew Meditaion 13.00 

Discover use of breath for different situations. Learn about mental focus, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Find out how you can be comfortable meditating on the sky train, bus, and ferry, in shopping malls, grocery stores, and bank line-ups. A traffic jam or red lights won't bother you anymore because you'll know how to breathe your way through them.

More books coming...

Topics include: Crystal & Colour Healing, Sound & Light Healing, Shamanism - Drumming & Journeying, Getting the most from your Psychic Senses, Chakras & Ch’i, Hold Point Therapy & Meridian Technologies, Manifestation Board & Intentions, and How to Create the Life You Really Want.