Welcome to Creative Heart Art Expressions.  You’ve come to the right place if you would like to enjoy some writing from the heart. Please feel free to have a look around, and make a comment or ask a question.

I love writing, blogging, creating PDFs, and sharing tools for life. I write on topics such as: spiritual recovery from addiction, alcoholism, abuse, despair, and grief. I write about hope, love, taking concrete action, and meditation. I record meditations. I’ve turned all of my energy healing manuals that I created into PDF books at a fraction of the cost of the original course. I write romantic/ suspense novels.

I’ve self-published many PDF books, with beautiful fractal covers, on poetry, energy healing, natural perfume-making, and memoir.

I have a few books on Amazon worldwide: memoir, anthology, poetry/essay, and murder mystery.

I hope you find something here that you can use.

Be well; be at peace.  

Love Lyn