Andrew Qiáo was murdered—twice! Susan Miller and Iain McClintock sift through

the evidence and grill suspects for their alibis and motives. Are they looking for one

or two killers?

Lots of twists and turns in this romantic suspense, “Murder in River’s Bend”— a

forest fire, a near-death experience, poison from another continent, a funeral, and a


Who dunnit? Read on to find out.


What do a sunset, the F word, and my sister Valerie have in common? They

are all poems I wrote for 2022 in my new book “rhythm & rhyming spirit”.

My eclectic poetry style covers the gamut from grief to joy to spirituality.

My outer world is deeply noticed while my interior world is acutely felt. All of it tumbles through my pencil.

This journey of discovery taught me that love and grief walk side by side in life.


After my husband died from cancer, I wrote a book of essays and poetry that followed my journey of loss and grief then subsequent growth and acceptance over those first five years.

Reducing WE to me was not easy, and I’m shocked I did it. But I did with the help of faith, family, and friends.

Grieving, Growing, greenlighting

Writing has saved my spirit from a crushing blow. Faith, family, and friends are my three other constants—a trinity of lighted candles illuminating the way.

This is my journey through five years of turning WE into me—a collection of 55 essays and poems. I hope that sharing it will help someone along the way.

What’s different about this five-year mark? Now that my life has grown and expanded beyond the confines of that one horrific point in time, I’ve discovered that even though my grief is always there, my world has become bigger. My life has outpaced the grief so that it is just a part of my world now not the whole thing.

The release is scheduled for mid-February in time for what would have been our 35th Valentine’s.

Keywords: poetry, essays, death, grieving, spiritual growth, greenlighting my life, loss

ISBN e-book 978-0-9809267-3-6 Price $5.00; # pages 136

ISBN paperback 978-1-989630-22-8 Price $13.00; # pages 140

Reading level: Grade 8+; Age range: adults over 18 years of age


New Book Release

What if a woman is murdered in a desperate attempt to shut her up, but then she is immediately stabbed eight times with her own carving knife by a different perp, who also takes a hank of her blonde hair as a trophy? What if this is not the first time he’s done this? What if this has happened all over the United States and Canada, and no one knows, because his victims’ details are in files in cold case boxes in some warehouse? What if he leaves no forensic evidence as a clue to his identity?

Police Detectives Iain McClintock and Susan Miller have a murder to solve. During the investigation, they discover a serial killer who’s insidious and prolific. Trained as a person who is supposed to help people, and hidden among the general population of the city, this sociopath operates in the most beguiling of ways to lure his victims into a lethal trap with no chance of escape. Can these detectives, McClintock and Miller, capture this person before another victim meets a gruesome end?

It can’t all be murder and mayhem, can it? I love to write romance, too. So, during all of this, the love story deepens between Iain McClintock and his wife, Rosie, who’s just been diagnosed with MS. And, a love buds between Susan Miller and George O’Donnell. Susan and George’s love story develops in book II of the series—Murder at River’s Bend.

30-second teaser for “Murder on Belcut Mountain”
Murder on Belcut Mountain—Book Launch November 6, 2021 at 3PM. If you want to come, email
Stay tuned for it’s release onto Amazon.

Member of the Crime Writers of Canada

Member of the Royal City Literary Arts Society

Member of the Federation of BC Writers

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