My book launch for Murder on Belcut Mountain was yesterday afternoon. I did three 5-minute readings. Here are the links. I hope you enjoy these little bites. Love Lyn

At the moment, I’m just finishing up my first murder mystery called, Murder on Belcut Mountain. My writers’ group had a social on Saturday, and we were all recorded reading our romantic stories. Mine is an excerpt from that mystery. This short chapter is called Rhythms of Love.

Poetry Reading 8June2021
I’m at time stamp 26:10

It’s in the Ayre
Made Whole Podcasts are companions to the book, Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole, which is my memoir. There were many things that happened to me in my life. I used meditation, energy healing, Chakra work, tapping/holding, and other spiritual practices to deal with the consequences that occurred as a result of those assaults on my psyche and on my physical body.  
My energy healing PDF books (gleaned from the 29 courses I taught and practiced on the subject), the blogs posts I do regularly, and my meditation recordings are the Made Whole part of my memoir. I have a gentle philosophy on life, death, illness, and LOVE to share with you all through these avenues.
I am Made Whole pens
These are at-home vocal recordings of a song, and a few of the hundreds of meditations I’ve written over the last 45 years. Forgive the quality. You may need to adjust the volume up or down, as the equipment I’ve used to record them over the last 25 years has changed considerably. Enjoy.
Of course, I always love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to email me
There are also meditations on my YouTube channel. You can copy/paste this link:
Love Lyn
8June2021 Poetry Reading

There is a video of tonight’s reading posted there. Facebook Time Post for me is 26:10. Thanks for having a look.
Love Lyn

Video of Norm, my late husband, playing the didgeridoo on our final trip to the coast, 23Sep15, at Beverly Beach, Newport, OR

This short video will bring to life one of the romantic scenes between Susan Miller and George O’Donnell in my book, “Murder on Belcut Mountain”.