These are e-books in PDF format, which are easily read on your computer, iPad, tablet, or printed off and taken with you.  Many of these books have free podcasts and meditations that go with them here: They’re not in any particular order, so you’ll just need to search through them for the one you want. The chart below will help.

Did you know that if you bought a PDF manual, read the pertinent BLOG posts for it, and listened to the meditations that go along with it, you would have the entire course? It’s my way of sharing what I have learned about energy healing. Not everything has been posted yet, but over time all the blogs will be done. Here’s how it all goes together at the moment:

All of these PDF books and meditation recordings are how I allayed the havoc wrought in my life through several crimes that were perpetrated against me. I not only survived, I have thrived. This is further to the solution part in my memoir, “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole”, here:

How these PDF Manuals came to be

Lyn E. Ayre, PhD Energy Healing

I announced my retirement after 45 years in the field of energy healing on 18July18. By the end of September, seven of the one-hundred and fifty-five people I’d trained to Reiki Master/Teacher got in touch with me. Their question was – what’s going to happen to all that knowledge and wisdom in your noggin? One of them said it felt like a library was being torn down and all the books tossed out.

I had tea, and brainstormed with each of them, and by 8Oct18, I began making PDF books from the manuals, and recording PODCASTS to go along with these books. The podcasts have now been transferred to my Vocalizing page.

These were courses I’d created and taught over several decades. In order for them to become PDF books, I had to take out some of the instructional parts ie: submit your project report to me; begin doing your ten case studies now, and submit to me; decide when you want to write your exam, so that I can send it to your proctor; and where shall I send your certificate.

This is what I’ve done so far.

PDF books aren’t just books. They are training manuals in the art of various modes of energy healing. Some even have an exam, so that you can test yourself on your knowledge and experience. I always advise doing at least ten case studies (ie: tell the person you’re in learning mode and won’t be charging for the session/s)

I created twenty-nine courses. All of the topic data that was in the students manuals is accounted for. The only thing missing is the teacher.

I taught these courses by correspondence to people from all over the world. The two things that students consistently commented on were my organizational qualities, and my attention to detail. They also told me I was a kind and compassionate teacher, but that won’t matter to you, in this case. 🙂 Any course I taught, I’d learned to certified Master or Master/Teacher Level.

There is good value to be had here:

2 courses on meditation that were each $200.00; both PDFs combined equal only $51.00

1 course on meridian technologies and Hold Point Therapy that was $200.00; the PDF is just $21.00

2 courses on natural perfumery, which were $750.00 combined. The PDF is over 300 pages and the cost is less than 20% of the two courses at $144.00.  

1 course in creating the life of your dreams was $200.00 and the PDF is just $13.00

2 crystal courses totalling $475.00 now only $55.00, which is 12% of the original courses

3 courses in sound healing were offered for $600.00 total. Now, the PDF is $55.00, just 9% of the cost.

1 course in working with Chakras and Ch’i was $425.00 and the PDF book is only $55.00

1 booklet on unleashing your held energies in a positive and nurturing way was a one-day course for $200.00 and the PDF is $13.00.

1 course on general energy healing techniques, which was $325.00/2 day and the PDF is $55.00.

Plus 9 courses on Reiki, which were two hundred dollars a day. These will not be turned into PDF, because the plan is to write a comprehensive book in the next several years. I also wrote and taught many one-day courses on various topics.

Ordering made easy: Since these books are sold exclusively through me, I’ve kept it simple. Please email with your selection, so I can get it queued up. Send an e-money transfer through my email, and I will email you the PDF book. 

Here is the link for ‘Send to Kindle‘, in case you’d like to read it on your device as an eBook.


A Living Meditation BLOG on meditation Finding the Peace, Quiet, and Joy Within

A journey into peace and spiritual development. Learn how to relax and rejuvenate through breathing, meditation, and creative visualization. Come to a better understanding of your true life-path. Become more self-aware and gain knowledge of your inner workings. Empower yourself to become more of who you were meant to be. 

63 pages; $34.00; 2019; 978-0-9809267-0-5

Relax~Release~Renew Meditation

Discover use of breath for different situations. Learn about mental focus, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Find out how you can be comfortable meditating on the sky train, bus, and ferry, in shopping malls, grocery stores, and bank line-ups. A traffic jam or red lights won’t bother you anymore, because you’ll know how to breathe your way through them.

I have instituted a few policies in my life – every time I hear any form of the word ‘breathe’ or ‘air’, I breathe deeply a few times. Every time someone mentions anything at all about water, I drink at least three good swallows. And so on…

45 pages; 2019; $21.00; ISBN 978-0-9809267-1-2

A New Freedom – Meridian Technologies BLOG Our Emotions and Meridian Technologies

This is an organic combination of: Hole Point Therapy, Energy Testing, Intuitive Querying, reframing and anchoring, Huna Healing, and overturning Self-Limiting Beliefs with the use of Intentional Phrasing. Aspects include: dependencies, addictions, fears, phobias, issues of the heart, pain, fatigue, grief, sorrow, regret, remorse, feelings of entitlement, anger issues, feelings of shame, and eating disorders.

Hold point therapy could be useful for: Adult children of abusive and/or alcoholic situations; Ambulance workers; Any caregivers of any kind; Any kind of survivor; Anyone who is involved in an accident; Bereaved people; Crises-line workers; Disabled/special needs caregivers; Disabled/special needs people; Firemen; Paramedics; Perpetrators; Police; Prisoners; People going into shock; People who have a fear or phobia; Victims; Witnesses.

You could try it on: Creative blocks; 3 o’clock slump; When you don’t want to do something but you really have to; The first time you try anything; To change your perspective about tedious tasks, or an annoying family member or friend, workmate, or client; Before going to dentist; Before going to exams.

49 pages; $34.00; 2019; ISBN 978-0-9809267-2-9

Create the Life You Really Want Booklet BLOG A Bridge to Thoughtful Awareness

Going within to find your way out. Diving Deep. Learning to use intentions, affirmations, and intuitive questioning to get to the bottom of your core beliefs, so you can see what they might be doing to you, and how they are affecting your life. Make your own choices about how you want to live, and what you want to believe. Creating intention and stilling the mind techniques. One hundred and eleven intentions are included to help you get started on your journey. Though it seems like a small volume, it packs a punch in order to dig you out of the hole and assist you in going down a different path.

30 pages; 2019; $13.00; ISBN 978-0-9809267-7-4

Unleash Your Hidden Potential Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to help people unlock their hidden potential, and create a life full of purpose, passion, and peace. By working this simple program, we can get over that which is dragging us down, work towards eliminating stress, thereby increasing the joy, love, and peace in our life. Stepping through our inner rationalizations and the stories we tell ourselves for why we either can, or can’t, do what we know would send us on a good path. We hold a lot of energy in our taut muscles. That makes it difficult to move both literally and figuratively. Instituting a Body Break into our daily lives. Energy testing helps us to see where we might need to be a bit more honest with ourselves. How self-limiting belief systems hold us back, and what we can do about that. UnPlug Meditation.

33pages; $13.00; 2019; ISBN 978-0-9809267-9-8

In The Light with Crystals

If you read and study this PDF book, you will be able to select crystals for healing, perform basic crystal layouts, balance and align the Chakras, and cleanse the aura. Your use of crystals for meditation and dream work will also be enhanced, as will your sensitivity for crystal and colour healing energy. Learn to work with the Infinity Symbol. Create gem elixirs. How does one detect the auric field with the palm of their hand? What are the Nadi and how do I work with them. Self-healing with crystals.

69 pages: $55.00; 2019; ISBN 978-0-9809267-4-3

Chakras and Ch’i In and Around Me

An in-depth study on learning how to live a conscious life by managing your subtle energy system. 

There are seven Major Chakras. There are five Transpersonal Chakras. Each joint in the body has a Chakra, as well, and they are called Minor Chakras, for a total of one hundred and twenty Chakras. There are numerous others connected throughout our four light (Ch’i) bodies – etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This book teaches about the basic twelve Chakras, our Ch’i, how to do specific exercises to heal and strengthen our energy system, how to help others, some breathing and meditation techniques, and how to effectively harmonize with other energy systems (relationship Chakras).

115 pages; $55.00; 2019; ISBN 978-0-9809267-6-7 

Be Joyful in Sound & Light

Shifting energy through musical mechanics. This is a four-part book on how to create and conduct Sacred Sound & Light Sessions. We are using transforming energies to establish or restore the client’s harmony. Sound & Light sessions are used for relaxation, and take us deep into alpha and even theta states where healing can occur. Included are written instructions on how to work with many of the sound healing instruments, such as the crystal bowl, metal singing bowls, tuning forks, tingshas, ganta and dorje, drums, rattles, and an amazing variety of energy healing techniques. ie: scanning, combing, use of symbols for healing, energy testing, breath work, grounding, creating sacred space, and storytelling. We are allaying disharmonious vibrations.

85 pages; $55.00; 2019; ISBN 978-0-9809267-8-1

Heartbeat of the Earth

In this PDF book on Neoshamanism, you’ll learn about smudging, working with the directions, journey for a power animal and spirit guide, use of rattles, chanting, creating an archetypal animal wheel and other similar topics. 

This study is not about becoming a Shaman, per se. That is a title that your village will give you by their thoughts, words, and deeds. This is because you will have become someone that people go to when they need any kind of assistance with life’s ups and downs. It’s about becoming a more attentive child of earth. It does not borrow techniques from any one group, rather utilizes the core aspects common to all groups worldwide down through history; it is cross-cultural. It does not interfere with any particular way of being or believing or religious concept, and can be embraced as one way to live in harmony while honouring the spiritual path of your choosing.

55 pages; $34.00; 2019 ISBN 978-1-989630-00-6 

Healing Tree Techniques

Energy is the key to happy living. Have you got all of yours? Or has it been parcelled out before you even get your feet on the floor in the morning? Learn how to stay in your own energy. Find out how to send out the surplus to those in need. Discover your energy-self. Learn about: Contacting your Spiritual Helpers, Psychic Scanning, Intuitive Querying, Excavating an Issue, Belief Work, Unknown Feelings, Energy Testing, Unplugging, Re-languaging, Readings, Healing, Grounding, and how to use the Silver Shower method.

134 pages; $55.00; 2019; ISBN 978-1-989630-01-3

Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfumery ~ a Path to the Heart of Spirit

This is a PDF of Levels I and II (which were a total of $750.00) of the globally popular Coeur D’Esprit Natural Perfuming course for beginners to advanced perfumers. This volume covers everything you need to know about creating perfume safely in alcohol, crème, oil, and wax bases. Topics include: notes, fragrance families, formulation, safety, distillation process, tinctures, infusions, and macerations, perfume pyramid, advanced sniffing techniques, fixation, themed alcohol, lots of charts, marketing, how to do a perfume consultation, multiple formulae, natural isolates, several experiments to do, synthetic molecules, and everything in between. 

If you would like to purchase this book, please email with your e-transfer, and I will email the PDF to you. So simple.

313 pages; $144.00; 2018; ISBN 978-989630-03-7