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Made Whole Podcasts are companions to the book, Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole, which is my memoir. There were many things that happened to me in my life. I used meditation, energy healing, Chakra work, tapping/holding, and other spiritual practices to deal with the consequences that occurred as a result of those assaults on my psyche and on my physical body.  

My energy healing PDF books (gleaned from the 29 courses I taught and practised on the subject), the blogs posts I do regularly, and my meditation recordings are the Made Whole part of my memoir. I have a gentle philosophy on life, death, illness, and LOVE to share with you all through these avenues.

I am Made Whole pens

These are at-home vocal recordings of a song, and a few of the hundreds of meditations I’ve written over the last 45 years. Forgive the quality. You may need to adjust the volume up or down, as the equipment I’ve used to record them over the last 25 years has changed considerably. Enjoy.

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There are also meditations on my YouTube channel. You can copy/paste this link:

Love Lyn

8June2021 Poetry Reading

There is a video of tonight’s reading posted there. Facebook Time Post for me is 26:10. Thanks for having a look.

Love Lyn

Dona Nobis Pacem~Let there be peace.
Open Meditation Circle
Breathe and Observe
Energy Centre Meditation
UnPlug Meditation

When you feel the pressure of carrying too much of the load, perhaps this five-minute meditation and technique will help you. Once learned, it can be practised anytime and anywhere. Love Lyn

Please note: generally, there is no soft music or sound on most of my meditations so you can relax completely without being side-tracked.

Find Your Mentor
Clear Your Energy System
Deep and Refreshing Meditation
Deep Ocean Meditation

Trust that you will be cared for. Relax in the water and enjoy floating upon the ocean. By learning to visualize this short meditation, you can instantly relax your muscle, which may be tight due to stress.

I am (chant)
Shaman Drum
Breathing techniques
Perfumers’ Journey

Perfuming can be meditative, and I demonstrate this here. The formula is given for a complete perfume over the course of this recording. Enjoy.

Peace Abides (Tibetan bowls)

Place your palms over your eyes gently, and lean forward on your elbows (onto your desk or table). This technique is called ‘palming the eyes’. Very relaxing.

Journey to meet your Soul Guide

You go on a journey to meet your Soul Guide, and along the way, personal guides and ascended masters join you. With each plateau, your Chakras open up, providing energy as you progress along. This is a peaceful and uplifting meditation.

Self-healing method
Journey through the Chakras
Spiral of Light Meditation
Crystal Journeys
Scanning the Energy Field with a Crystal
Om (chant) with a Tibetan Bowl
In this Breath
On a Tropical Shoreline
Close Meditation Circle

I made most of my recordings on my iPhone, which produces M4A files. I use this company to change my files to MP3s so that I can put them on my website. So far, so good.