What if a woman is murdered in a desperate attempt to shut her up, but then
she is immediately stabbed eight times with her own carving knife by a
different perp, who also takes a hank of her blonde hair as a trophy? What if
this is not the first time he’s done this? What if this has happened all over
the United States and Canada, and no one knows, because his victims’ details
are in files in cold case boxes in some warehouse? What if he leaves no
forensic evidence as a clue to his identity?

Police Detectives Iain McClintock and Susan Miller have a murder to solve.
During the investigation, they discover a serial killer who’s insidious and
prolific. Trained as a person who is supposed to help people, and hidden among
the general population of the city, this sociopath operates in the most
beguiling of ways to lure his victims into a lethal trap with no chance of
escape. Can these detectives, McClintock and Miller, capture this person before
another victim meets a gruesome end?

It can’t all be murder and mayhem, can it? I love to write romance, too. So,
during all of this, the love story deepens between Iain McClintock and his
wife, Rosie, who’s just been diagnosed with MS. And, a love buds between Susan
Miller and George O’Donnell. Susan and George’s love story develops in book II
of the series—Murder at River’s Bend.

Sara’s house—Murder on Belcut Mountain 30-second intro

Member of the Crime Writers of Canada

Member of the Royal City Literary Arts Society

Member of the Federation of BC Writers

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