Time to set up the chaise chairs around the pool and start your summer reading. Or, you could be like me and just curl up with your Kindle. Enjoy!

“Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole”— Free signed copies are available. Come pick it up and have a porch visit.

… A young girl suffers unimaginable trauma. She turns to alcohol to numb the pain and confusion. She goes on to have an amazing life of travel, a career as an entertainer, children, creativity, and a beautiful twenty-nine-year relationship with one of the best people she’s ever met. Over time, she learns that love is the cure…

Enjoy a murder mystery with a tender romance, too? “Murder on Belcut Mountain” is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.

            … A lovely woman is murdered and then stabbed. Why? Who? Two police detectives, Iain McClintock and Susan Miller, track a psychopath who has wreaked havoc across the US.  Iain’s relationship with his wife, Rosie, deepens as they are tested to the limit and she is found to have MS. Susan meets someone she could love. …

Know somebody who’s struggling with grief? My newest book “Waking Up to the Life Left in Me” is available on Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.

            … A heartfelt book of prose and poetry on loss and grieving; acceptance and hope; and freedom and joy. One of the worst things that could ever happen to me happened. I didn’t want to stay here without my beautiful husband and our wonderful life together. But I’ve come through it and now, though I still miss his smiling face, I have a good life with a solid purpose. Writing it down helped me to survive…

For those of you who loved “Murder on Belcut Mountain”— I want you to know that book II, “Murder in River’s Bend” will be ready by June 2023. I am a third of the way through the first draft.

… Andrew Qiáo was murdered—twice! He left a widow, Eleanor, and three young children. Sifting through alibis, evidence, and motives Susan and Iain hunt for the killer. Lots of twists and turns in this story: jealousy, adultery, entitlement, a forest fire, betrayal of a dear friend, senior love, poison from another continent, and a near-death experience. …

Are you a poetry lover? My newest book “Rhythm & Rhyming Spirit” will be out in January 2023.

I generally have on hand some copies of my books. Maybe you’d like to meet for coffee and have a signed author’s copy. PM me if you’re interested.

Love Lyn

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