1December2022 © Lyn E. Ayre

I am asked almost weekly how I ever made it through what I’ve gone through in my life. Here’s what I tell them.
First of all, if it’s happening to me then it is happening to everyone; no one is exempt from life. I just happen to write about it as that is one way that I cope. Secondly, I’ve had a lot of help from many people; I didn’t do this alone. All I did was become willing to make a change and then I just kept doing the next right thing.

But you know, when I look back on my life I can see that, aside from all the horrible things that happened to me, I got everything I ever wanted. Maybe not exactly in the way that I wanted but I certainly did get it.

I had a terrific relationship with my mother and my father when I was a kid.
I got my wish of going to the same school for more that just a few months when I went to NWSS from 1964 to 1969.
I was a singer/entertainer and married a singer/entertainer, and we went on tour. I got to see Alaska and Whitehorse, and so many other interesting places with him.
I ended up having two wonderful children who have been my guiding star for my whole life. Becoming a mother changed how I live in the world.
I found three spiritual programs to live by. I’d been searching my whole life (twenty-six years at that point) for a place to land spiritually, and that was granted to me in my late twenties, late thirties, and early fifties. They all dovetail nicely and each came when I needed it most. This is how I was able to go on and live a good life. This is what helped me to heal.
I met and married the love of my life, and we enjoyed that relationship for 29 years from my mid 30s to my mid 60s. We were focused on our children and on each other.
Throughout all of this, I was able to practice my art, music, and writing.
I had three grandchildren who are like air to me and was able to be their active grandma for thirteen and a half years. After ten year hiatus, they are back in my life.
My higher power, whom I choose to call LOVE was at the helm of my life. I felt like I was always being guided. If something wasn’t working, I let go and allowed it to glide off of me so that something better could be added. This applied to people, places, and things. Hanging on to things past their due date was harmful to me.

All of my dreams came true. I was a mother, grandmother, wife, singer, writer, someone who could truly help people, and a woman who found her true love.

My life has been a gift and all the challenges have helped me to grow and become the person I am today.
I’m content in my life and for those of you who have read my memoir, “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole”, and who know my story, that’s really saying something.

Mostly, I’m grateful to be here today even with the 24/7 pain; even though my husband is dead; even as my life winds down. I am grateful. This gratitude and forgiveness for everything makes me happy and keeps me going.

Love Lyn

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