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This is book II in my six-book Romantic Suspense series.

Andrew Qiáo (pronounced Chow) is pushed off a mountain highway to his death. However, he’d been poisoned first. He’d enjoyed his wife and three children, a thriving TCM practice, and a lively social life with many friends. Who did this horrible thing to one of the most venerated men in town?
As police detectives Iain McClintock and Susan Miller proceed to interview friends and family, track down evidence, and confirm alibis for a few dozen people, five suspects come to light. The investigation escalates until there are only two people under the microscope. As they get down to one suspect, the hunt begins only to discover that the person has disappeared. Where are they hiding out? Can they be captured before anyone else gets hurt?
Meanwhile, Ellen McClintock meets her true love on her college campus in California. They move to the creative community of Artson to start a life together and be nearer to her family. Is she living too close to her parents? Will her dad ever accept her change of heart? Can she and Gary earn a living from their respective careers in the arts?
What will Rosie do about her autoimmune disease now that her TCM doctor has been murdered? Is it time for her to switch from traditional natural medicine to modern allopathic medicine?
The Artson area is suffering from soaring temperatures and small fires are breaking out everywhere. Eventually, they join forces to create huge blazes at Timberwolf Pass in River’s Bend, Mrs. Meadows’ neighbourhood on Belcut Mountain, and Mill Pond in Hidden Lake. Susan Miller’s fiancé, George, volunteers to help. Their nuptials are fast approaching. Is he safe out there?
Do Susan and George find a new home in River’s Bend? They’ve talked about marriage. Can they pull it off under the circumstances?
Is the July Summer Festival threatened by the fires burning all over the area? Will they have to put it off and do it later when it’s safer?
There are so many interesting people to be proud of in this quaint town of Artson, Oregon.

Available on Amazon

Poetry flows through me and I’ve been a vessel for it for over sixty-three years. I am ever grateful. A writer’s job is to evoke emotion so that people have a touchstone; something to relate to; to remember in times of need; or to focus on. In this volume, there are poems about love, nature, weather, spirituality, and living a simple life.
It’s become my practice to handle grief, humour, hurt feelings, insight, joy, and love through poetry. These are the poems I wrote this year.
The personal theme I chose for 2022 was ‘I have everything I need here in this home, and in this body and mind.’ As I searched through things, I did find the physical items I needed at the moment. Through writing, I found everything else I needed: inner peace, happiness, relaxation, excitement, relief, and a closer walk with my Higher Power.
It’s my hope that you might find something in this book for yourself. If that is the case, then I’ve done my job as a writer.

I am an everyday poet typically writing elegy, free verse, and lyrical poems. Not necessarily earth-shattering or utterly profound; simply enjoying a rhythm and rhyme to my days, which spills from my spirit, through my mind, then my heart, and out of my pen. I’m in love with life.

I hope you enjoy my recent offerings.

Love Lyn

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