Book II in this six-book series.

 “Murder in River’s Bend”

Dateline: 22April23, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Intro: Andrew Qiáo was murdered—twice! Susan Miller and Iain McClintock sift through the evidence and grill suspects for their alibis and motives. Are they looking for one or two killers?

Information: Lots of twists and turns in this romantic suspense, “Murder in River’s Bend”— three love stories, a forest fire, a near-death experience, poison from another continent, a funeral, and a wedding. Available on Amazon worldwide.

Mini Bio: Writing is what I’ve done all my life. It was somewhere to secretly live as I silently fell in love with a crush. It’s how I handled heartbreak when a love affair ended. It’s where I put my grief when someone dies. It’s a place for the butterflies to stay as I embrace my daily life. Writing has strengthened my belief in my Higher Power, taught me how to organize my thoughts, helped me to dig deeper into my emotions, and kept me alive—body and soul.

Author quote: Some things cannot be counted on, as they are simply a part of life’s great mystery. Some things can, though. For me: music, art, and writing can all be relied upon to soothe, inspire, and grow me into the person I want to be.

Contact: Lyn E. Ayre at:  

JOIN LYN for the Virtual Book Launch of Murder in River’s Bend

On May 13, 2023, at 2 o’clock; I will send a reminder on May 11th.

Register with and I will send you a Zoom link a few days before the launch.

This event will be recorded to post on my Facebook and Website.









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