Entrepreneurship ~ The Path Less Traveled

10May13 Lyn Ayre at her natural perfume table There are many things that a budding entrepreneur can do to ensure optimum success. 1. Developing a website is number one. Few people, in my circle of friends, ever refer to the yellow pages. Ours don’t even make it in the house; they go directly into the … Continue reading Entrepreneurship ~ The Path Less Traveled

Poetry Reading

at Writers in our Midst and supported through the Port Moody Library. https://calendar.portmoodylibrary.ca/Default/Detail/2021-06-08-1900-Writers-in-Our-Midst-18 There is a video of tonight's reading posted there. Facebook Time Post for me is 26:10. Thanks for having a look. https://www.facebook.com/pomolibrary/videos/935616330504389 8June2021 Hi Everyone, So, wonderful to listen to other people’s poems, which I’ve enjoyed very much. Thank you all. My … Continue reading Poetry Reading