by Lyn E. Ayre, PhD


Our emotions are what make our lives rich with texture, colour, and depth. They are our barometer of how we are doing in the world. We would never want freedom from that, would we? What, then, is “A New Freedom” all about? What is it that we do want to free ourselves from? The real question to ask yourself is this – “what is preventing me from living a fulfilling life full of adventure, excellent health, and emotional well being?”

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Self-Limiting Belief systems
  • Chains of addictions
  • Agony of overwhelming fears/phobias
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Resentments, anger, and aggression
  • Grief and sorrow
  • Feelings of entitlement
  • Regret and Remorse

When you look at the foregoing list, doesn’t it seem absurd that we are still hanging on to any one of these?

What we are talking about is that which hinders your progress in the world; that which holds you back from becoming all you want to be.

Our feelings are healthy and to be honoured at all times. They stand as sentinels at our front door, ever ready to serve and protect us from harm. They are the guardians of our spirit.

When something happens today to anger us, we need to deal with the larger issue of why we feel we are being threatened, and then use Meridian Technologies to resolve the remainder, if any, so that it won’t lodge into our energy system as resentment or feeling of annoyance.

Fear is telling us something. We need to dig deeper and find out what that is. We can use this fear to run away or stand up for ourselves or keep ourselves from doing something wrong. Then we can use Meridian Technologies to resolve the remainder so that we don’t start setting up rules for our lives, which cause us to limit ourselves.

Grief is a normal human emotion. It means that we valued someone or something and then lost them or it. It is a transition to another stage in life. Crying, anger, denial, and the other steps of the grieving process must be gone through in order to come out the other side with a better understanding and appreciation of yourself, the situation, and life. We can resolve the remainder so we don’t limit ourselves in the area of relationships. Then we can open our hearts to love once more.

The feeling of shame shows up when we feel we haven’t been diligent in our dealings with others or ourselves or in upholding our values and morals. We need to learn from our mistakes and then show ourselves compassion and consideration, so that a constant feeling of humiliation doesn’t set in or a feeling of being defiled doesn’t paralyze us. We can do the same for others. Meridian Technologies works for these issues, too. Don’t give yourself a life-sentence for being a human being.

Our emotions and feelings are natural and a real gift. Let’s keep them fresh and clean. When we learn how to handle our thought life and our emotions, life becomes very rich indeed. We can breathe easier, smile quicker, and give to others that very thing that attracted them to us in the first place… our love.

Our Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion and bring on certain feelings. Many of us have taught ourselves to automatically resist some of these feelings. We pretend as if they aren’t happening. By doing so we are blocking our energy. It becomes trapped in our body, and that drains our energy system, and brings continuing discomfort on a daily basis.

Think of blocked energy as a pile of clutter in your home. Now think of how many times a day your mind goes to it. You know you need to get to it, at some point. You just don’t see how you can. You are so busy doing other things. If it were cleared out, you would free up some mind-space to use for even more important things.

If you are feeling resistant to clearing out the clutter in your life, not only in your home but in your thoughts, words, and deeds, then reading the PDF called, “A New Freedom”, might be helpful. see below…

Our Story

Everyone has his or her old story they need to deal with then incorporate it and go on. When we can do that, we truly find ‘A New Freedom’. What keeps us down is when we keep walking back into our old story and re-suffering every pain.

What is your story? To get started, write it down in whatever way is comfortable for you. Keep going until you start to feel a shift in mood. Write it all out. No one needs to see this. You can burn it after, if you wish. It’s better out than in. Writing is very therapeutic. Self-judgment and self-criticism is not. Put that aside, for now, and just write. Don’t edit. Editing is a form of procrastination in this arena. Do your best to get to the bottom of the issue you’re having. You’re not writing your memoir, you’re writing about what’s troubling you – right now.

From this page, you can email me at, and mention that you’d like to purchase, “A New Freedom-Meridian Technologies” training manual for $34.00. Along with the files, I will send you a link to a tool called Send to Kindle that will create this document into an e-book you can read on your device, if you like. You’ll never regret taking a chance on yourself. If you want to go further with this and improve your life, let me know.

Love Lyn

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