I was trained in several dozen modalities of energy healing. I’ve been practising energy healing since 1974. At that point I spontaneously used it to help my son with the aches he used to get in his legs. It seemed to work, and I became curious about it.

I delved into yoga, herbal medicine, chakras, and meditation during the 1970s. I practised all of this for 44 years. In the 80s, I studied Hawaiian Huna Healing, neuro linguistic programming or NLP, and hypnosis.

I’ve just gone on from there studying crystal healing, Reiki, several courses on chakras, emotional freedom techniques, sound healing, life coaching, Feng Shui, and several other similar courses. Over several years, I created 29 courses in energy healing. Each of those courses had essays on specific topics included towards the end of the manual. Almost every course I did included some sort of meditation and of course, a self-healing practice.

All of this being said, I retired 18July18. I then amalgamated several of my courses into PDF books.

Did you know that you could get one of these PDF books at, lynayre.com/pdf-books-from-energy-healing-manuals/  study it, and write the exam at the end, listen to the meditations on my vocalizating page, lynayre.com/vocalizing/  and read the appropriate blog posts. https://wordpress.com/posts/lynayre.com  That way you would be getting the full course that my students received. Essentially, I’m still teaching. Everything included, except for me, of course. (I’ll be sipping coke in Margaritaville. LOL )

That was my great love through life – sharing with others what I had learned.

I hope you enjoy them.

Love Lyn

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