10May13 Lyn Ayre at her natural perfume table

There are many things that a budding entrepreneur can do to ensure optimum success.

1. Developing a website is number one. Few people, in my circle of friends, ever refer to the yellow pages. Ours don’t even make it in the house; they go directly into the recycle bin. I want to know with whom I am dealing instead of making a ‘prod in the dark’. Perusing the company’s website can give you a feel for the company. Reading the employee profiles can help in making a decision.

Review your website weekly to keep it fresh and alive. Back it up onto an external hard drive every week, or more often, if you are updating a lot. Check out the dynamic links within your site and make sure they are active, and go where they are supposed to go.

Use PayPal or something similar to make it easier for people who want to pay with a credit card. To really simplify, use the e-money transfer through your bank.

Check to make sure none of the info on your website has stale-dated. Read it out aloud to detect any repeats or other errors. Do a line edit, if you’ve added a lot of text content or, better yet, let a fresh eye read it over. Link to everyone who is in harmony with your website. Do not link to those who are not. Make sure your link will be visible on their site. List yourself on the many free directories, and do reciprocal links with others of like-mind.

Find someone you admire who is doing similar work, and advertise in the same places. There can be no competition for everyone brings something different to the table; most people, doing Energy Healing, know that all of life is Spirit-guided. The clients and students that are yours will come to you. So, ego should be sent on a well-deserved vacation. This principle works in all sectors of business.

2. Write a monthly newsletter with topics you know would be of interest to your readers. Share your personal experience with others. Or, better yet, create a BLOG.

3. Creating a business image through branding is very important. By having your website, brochure, flyers, and business cards, with the same colour scheme and logo, visitors will soon recognize your particular look; it attests to continuity and professionalism.

4. Work with intention. Decide what it is, exactly, that you would like your end result to be. Then write an intention surrounding that ideal. ie: “I hold the intention that (my company name) is financially stable and doing well on all levels. We attract and attain new clients daily. We are a resource for our community. And so it is.” Say this intention at least 21 times each day. If fear comes knocking or doubt creeps in, say it. Keeping our thoughts aligned to our intention is mandatory.

5. If you work from home, as most of us do, begin and end at a particular time each day. Then close the office door. Take a half hour to an hour lunch break or dinner break and relax. Read a book that is not related to your work. Call a friend or meet a friend or relative for lunch. You know, just have fun. 🙂 Remember that we don’t get another shot at this thing called ‘life’, and it will really pay off to take care of ourselves. When I last flew, our hostess told us that we need to put the air mask on ourselves first, and then on our loved ones. This really makes sense, doesn’t it? We are not going to help anyone, if are not well ourselves.

6. Keep up with the courses required to do your job effectively. Expand your knowledge base and skill set. Go for the highest rung you can reach; then reach higher. Don’t allow yourself to rest on your laurels, and become stuck in a rut. Be on top of what is happening in your ‘community of interest’; join professional bodies, and get involved.

7. Go out and walk through your community and get to know who lives there. Talk to them about what you do. See the people who work at stores that may want to sell your product. Leave business cards and brochures with them. Point out your website URL. Remember, this is akin to a job interview, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Be appropriately dressed, open, and pleasant. Do not involve yourself in negative talk or gossip of any description.

8. Plan to do a street fair, or Christmas fair at your local market or high school. This will put your product out there. Make up a handout for people to take home and mull over. Have a Follow-Up sheet on your table, and collect names of people who may want to speak with you about your product; contact them within three days of the event.

9. Get in touch with women’s centres, homes for the elderly, or the hospice society, and share yourself there. Offer to come and speak about your product or service, and go with samples to give away or a sample session prepared. This will give these people a lift, as well as get your name out there. As you go about your daily round at the bank, the grocery store, and the muffin shop, share with others about who you are and what you do.

10. Check out your thoughts and ideas with a trusted friend/mentor, or gather together a group of trusted family and friends who know you well, and regularly check in with them. We can sometimes feel like we’re going it alone in this energy-healing business, when, day in and day out, the only people we see are our clients and students. Take time to recharge your batteries, kick back, and just relax with friends.

11. To avoid burnout, balance your business life with family, friends, and other interests. Go on regular vacations and leave your work behind for a few weeks.

12. Don’t leave home without them. Take your cards, flyers, brochures, or recent newsletters with you. Always have something on hand that you can give to those who seem interested in your work. Have extras for them to give to someone they know. Carry free samples with you. Offer to do a sample session with someone. Avoid putting on a ‘three-ring-circus’, rather just be natural and relaxed.

Vista Print at www.vistaprint.ca create lovely business cards, and also offer a webpage service for a reasonable price.

13. Look as good as you can whenever you leave the house. As entrepreneurs, days of baggy sweats, and no make-up are a thing of the past. You never know when you might have a spontaneous interview waiting for you, whether it be from a prospective client, student, or host of an event who wants you to present to their group. This has happened to me several times. It was thrilling.

14. Finally, save time aside in your schedule every month to just help another budding entrepreneur. Have them in for a cup of tea; share how you’ve done it. Show them this article. Encourage them. Our world needs all the help it can get. Have a generous heart and a kind spirit.

Remember, it takes time to become known and established. ‘Word of mouth’ plays a huge role in your chosen career path as an energy worker. Be patient and have faith. Keep this in mind: What do you want people to say about you, and about your company?

The world is a better place with you in it. Life is a great adventure; have fun with it, and smile often.

Love Lyn

Although this article is written with energy-healing in mind, it works across the board in a general way.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship ~ The Path Less Traveled

  1. HI Lyn. I decided to check out your website. Nice. You’ve got great energy. I knew it when I heard you read your poetry. I hope to meet you in person one day. Till then, we will have to use social media to get to know each other. You have found creative outlets to express yourself, just like I have. I’m no artist, but I write and perform poetry because I love it! Keep up your positivity and look to the future. It’s an adventure. Talk again soon,

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