Photo: signing my book, “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole”

Part Two: Traits of a successful entrepreneur – Creativity and Resilience (C)2018

Persistence, Inquisitiveness, Strong desire for success, High energy level, Goal-oriented behaviour, Independent, Self-confident, Risk-taker, Creative, Innovative, Visionary, Commitment to the ‘job’, Problem-solving skills, Integrity – thoughts, words, and deeds match up, Reliable, Personal initiative, Ability to create work/life balance, Management and organizational skills, Agent for change, Tolerance for failure, Desire to work hard, Manifesting abilities, Resilience, Bright, Adaptable, High self-esteem, Challenge-oriented, Idea-oriented, Inquisitive, Curious, and Gratitude.

Many entrepreneurs also had a role model or mentor to influence them early on, or parents who are/were entrepreneurs. It is advisable, and highly pleasurable, to develop this kind of a relationship with someone you know and admire. I was fortunate to have several women over my lifetime who shone a light on the path I was following. I’m forever grateful.

What is Creativity?

Entrepreneurs tend to be highly creative people in their field. Creativity is being able to create new ideas and ways to solve problems that provide unique and uplifting opportunities.

Living the Lifestyle – this is mine right now

I’m often asked why I chose that way of life (doing energy healing)? Why did I work so hard day in and day out? Was my life fulfilling? I will answer these questions here.

I do it for the lifestyle it afforded me, because when I worked in an office, I had very few choices on how to spend my days. Under the ‘lash’ of the supervisor, the manager, and the owner of the company, I felt under-appreciated, unheard, and under-valued. I always had lots of great ideas on ways to improve whatever it might be.  Seldom were these acceptable to the powers that be.

I made really good money doing Credit & Collections for various companies in the Vancouver area. I love people and whenever I called a company for money, they always put us on the top of the list, as I didn’t shame them or make them feel bad. Most people want to pay their bills, they just don’t know how to. I would help them come up with creative solutions. When I left the corporate world in 2002, my receivables were 96% current, and that is amazing by anyone’s standards. I was down-sized and given an incredible severance package, which allowed me six months to begin to work full time on what I wanted to do with my life.

I’d been doing healing work, astrology, numerology, hypnosis, Chakra work, meditation, NLP, Huna healing, and various other things for about thirty years. I was able to do this in the evening and on weekends.

Now, it seemed, I was able to fully devote myself to energy healing, and manifest a lifestyle that I then enjoyed for sixteen years.

My ‘job’ did not have regular hours. Healing work was just not that way. I needed to be available to accommodate people at various times. I didn’t go in at eight and finish at five, with two days off on the weekend, two weeks’ vacation, and paid benefits. I had to make it up as I went along. But I was always able to achieve a work/life balance. I wasn’t putting in long hours with no breaks and vacations.

I had dozens of students around the world who are taking various courses from me so, I got up early to answer student email for a few hours in the morning. Once that was done, I had breakfast and got ready for the day, having a shower and doing my personal healing time.

At ten o’clock, I started seeing clients or teaching a workshop, which ran until five.

I also had a 6:45pm appointment time available in case someone couldn’t get off work during the day. I offered this on Monday through Thursday evening.

I didn’t do all of this on a single day. I mixed and matched. So, if I had a workshop during the day, I didn’t see anyone after supper. The maximum number of hours I devoted in a day to ‘some kind of work for my business’ was six and a half, and I tended to break it up, and mix it up. I could do that as I was my own boss.

I took thirty to sixty minutes at lunch, depending on my energy levels that day. I took our dog out for a walk twice a day. I got up from my desk every hour, setting a timer on the stove, to exercise, and give Joy some attention.

I usually took Wednesdays off as I offered, “Wonderful Wednesdays” from 7-10 pm. On the first Wed, we offered a student practice night for ThetaHealing; the second Wed was a Reiki Share; the third was Drum Circle; and the fourth was energy healing video night. During the day, I sometimes did mutual exchanges with one of my friends, or I went out to lunch. Perhaps, I’d get a manicure, pedicure, haircut, massage, or any number of other things I love to do. It was great, because Wed weren’t usually busy for those places.

Here is a list, just off the top of my head and not in any order, of what I may have done in the course of any given day:

  1. make up courseware for student/s
  2. update my website
  3. buy/order business supplies
  4. speaking engagement/panel
  5. teaching a group of employees ie: Justice Institute or CUPE Pro-D day
  6. volunteer work
  7. housework, laundry, shopping, banking, pet care
  8. see clients
  9. student email
  10. self-care – Reiki, Theta, meditation and so on
  11. teach a workshop
  12. write an article
  13. create a course
  14. study the herb course
  15. answer incoming inquiries about sessions or classes
  16. gardening
  17. go for lunch
  18. walk the dog
  19. play Rummy-O with my husband
  20. visit Doctor, Dentist etc
  21. Help a budding entrepreneur. I would spend a few hours on email back and forth, or having them in for tea, and sharing my process with them.
  22. place advertising
  23. join a directory by filling in forms and making payments
  24. cook the meals
  25. have the three grandkids over for the weekend

By 9:30 am, I’d usually answered the student email,  done a load of laundry, showered, cleaned the bathroom, walk Joy up to get the mail, do a self-Reiki, then have had my Reiki I workshop from 10-5, cooked dinner (or gone out), watched a movie, and be in bed at 10 pm. It’s a beautiful life.

I hope this little note helps you to see we can have it all – a satisfying career in holistic healing (or whatever your focus is), fulfilling family life, wonderful relationships with friends, clean clutter-free home, productive garden, great energy, and time to stop and smell the roses.

Love Lyn

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