Entrepreneurship ~ The Path Less Traveled

10May13 Lyn Ayre at her natural perfume table There are many things that a budding entrepreneur can do to ensure optimum success. 1. Developing a website is number one. Few people, in my circle of friends, ever refer to the yellow pages. Ours don’t even make it in the house; they go directly into the … Continue reading Entrepreneurship ~ The Path Less Traveled

Poetry Reading

at Writers in our Midst and supported through the Port Moody Library. https://calendar.portmoodylibrary.ca/Default/Detail/2021-06-08-1900-Writers-in-Our-Midst-18 There is a video of tonight's reading posted there. Facebook Time Post for me is 26:10. Thanks for having a look. https://www.facebook.com/pomolibrary/videos/935616330504389 8June2021 Hi Everyone, So, wonderful to listen to other people’s poems, which I’ve enjoyed very much. Thank you all. My … Continue reading Poetry Reading

Are you a highly sensitive person?

© 20June20 Lyn E. Ayre Photo is a fractal I created called, "Spiritual Thought". Have you looked at yourself through critical eyes and found yourself wanting? Are there parts of your personality that you don’t like? Do you burn with shame, when you feel you’re a fraud and a failure, because you hide your true … Continue reading Are you a highly sensitive person?

Balancing the Imbalances

Lyn E. Ayre, PhD (C) 2021 It is my belief that sometimes, we become ill due to an imbalance in the body. These imbalances come about through many channels, and are simple to remedy. Imbalance – A diet lacking in the daily intake of nutrients and phytonutrients. Balance – We need a variety of fresh, … Continue reading Balancing the Imbalances

Counsel of the Seven Powers

© 2019 Lyn E. Ayre, PhD We have within us an innate knowledge, which works through the Chakras, and which I call the Counsel of the Seven Powers. When we are in touch with those quiet voices, we can instantly tune up our system by making a few simple adjustments. The first Power of Grounding … Continue reading Counsel of the Seven Powers