(C) 21March2008 Lyn E. Ayre, PhD

Photo: Chakra Journey created by Lyn E. Ayre (C)3Jul2002

Chakras, Ch’i, Aura, Spiritual growth, Spirituality, Security, Creativity, Authority, Devotion, Self-worth, Perception, and Faith.

Our journey cycles from Soulstar to Earthstar and back again. In between, we travel through the Seven Arenas for Growth, plus strengthen these two.

The Soulstar, which is a foot or so above the head, brings in spiritual energy in the form of gold and white rays of light from the spiritual realm. This is a place where we first come into being. This Chakra carries our purpose for being born into this life. This is where we physically separate from All That Is, and take on human form, though we always remain aware, at some level, of our inherent divinity.

Watchwords: Integrate yourself. Honour Spirit.

The Earthstar, which is a foot or so below our feet, brings in earth energy in the form of black, brown, or tan waves of light, which connect us to the earth. This is where we root ourselves in order to proclaim our intention and ground our purpose for being here, in this space at this time. By developing this Chakra, we achieve a sense of feeling grounded and stable. We acquire an affinity for Mother Earth and experience a sense of protection for her.

Watchwords: We are all connected. Honour Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Being Human

We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, bio-chemical beings of flesh, bone, and sinew, activated by a complex system of chemicals that circulate throughout our body, and we are surrounded by an electro-magnetic force field called an aura, which has several layers. We don’t end at our skin.

When we are born, we rely solely on our parents (or facsimiles thereof) for our introduction to the earth plane. We depend on them to help us feel safe and secure in the world. We need them to nurture us and provide us with a solid foundation. Our family of birth, our feelings of safety and security in the world are all formed at this time. We are developing our Root Chakra and our home life is pertinent to our future progression. Watchwords: seek inner security

As we carve out our independence, we become more creative in our ventures. We colour, sing, dance, play, pretend, and act. We realize we are separate beings from our parents, and we stretch our limits to the max, running away while our parents chase after us; laughing gleefully, testing our boundaries, making critical discoveries about the world around us, and learning about ‘the other’. Our Sacral Chakra is expanding, and learning what feels good. Watchwords: develop our creativity

Our ‘self’ is being established. We are now discovering our place in the world, in our family, at school, at social and religious functions. We are seeing how we fit in. We have strong opinions about everything, and aren’t afraid to voice them. We are acquiring knowledge about personal boundaries. We may have almost mastered something (ie: a song, jump rope, or another skill) by this point, and so we learn a feeling of achievement and authority on a particular subject. Our Solar Plexus shines brightly. Watchwords: learn self-empowerment

Our heart is opening. We realize, we love. Yes, we’d been saying it, but now we feel it with all our being. We love our parents, our siblings, maybe a few of our teachers, our minister, doctor, and our pets. We love so many that it feels like our heart will explode. Instead, we find our Heart Chakra just keeps on expanding and allowing us to love more. We may develop our daily devotions, at this point. We feel gratitude for nature, and begin to work on our Earth Star. We most certainly have our own personal belief system established. We are, indeed, our own person. Watchwords: live on gratitude

We have now found our true voice. Having been supported by a solid family structure, allowed to explore, create, and develop a sense of self-worth, and being willing to love others, we have something to say. At this point, we may be formulating ideas about what we would like to offer the world. Career choices, vocations, avocations come to the forefront of our thinking. Perhaps academia is our choice for this time of our lives. Working with Throat Chakra energy, we can pull in all our training to date, and set about creating the life of our dreams. Watchwords: communicate clearly and gently

As we enter adulthood, our perceptions of the world change dramatically. We need to pull in some inspiration in order to live a satisfying life. We may be attracting potential mates. We may be having vivid dreams about whom we should go with, at this moment, whether it’s a potential spouse, or a particular company. We need to take the time to develop discernment. If all the other Chakras have been properly nourished and established, we should now be able to make an appropriate choice for this stage of our lives. We stay in the Third Eye Chakra for our entire adult life, cycling to the others, as required. Watchwords: discernment and refinement

The Crown Chakra is our bridge to the cosmos and the celestial realms. It is our connection to those light-bulb moments, flashes of clarity, intuitive inspiration, innovation, and invention. While connected to the Universe in this arena, we can feel like we’re on fire with ideas; words seem to flow through us; art streams in. We are in the river of goodness and pure love. Our consciousness expands. We can see clearer than ever before. Watchwords: enlightenment, wisdom, higher guidance.

When we begin a new job, we begin a new cycle through the Chakras, creating a structure of security at work; applying our own creativity to our new tasks; establishing our authority in our field, and finding our place among the others while staying within our integrity. We learn to respect and appreciate what our employment is offering us; we can find our voice and speak our truth on the job. With our growing experience, we develop an intuitive sense about what may be required next or where we could go with a certain project; and so on. Each time we begin a new relationship, job, or creative endeavour, we cycle once again through our Chakras: security, creativity, authority, devotion, self-worth, perception, and faith.

Throughout our lives, we develop ideas about ‘who might be running this show’. We may seek answers in science, religion, or philosophy. We may decide that none of these make sense, and so come up with our own line of thinking about the nature of the Universe, and all that is within it. There are multiple ways to go here, and if we have a strong base in the reality of life, we have likely learned to trust our instincts. Thus, one will go the way of most use to that individual’s path.

Path of the Nadi

If your energies are more to the feminine, you will resonate with Ida. As she begins her journey, she goes to the right of the Root Chakra giving it a counter-clockwise spin. Then she travels to the left of the Sacral Chakra and gives it a clockwise spin and so on up through the Chakras as she winds her way back and forth to the Crown Chakra. One whose energies are more to the masculine will resonate with Pengala and travel the opposite way up the Sushumna. This accounts for the different rotation of the Chakras, masculine to feminine energy. This permits the blending of Yin and Yang energies to create the whole, in a relationship.

These are my thoughts about how it all fits together, based on over four decades of research and personal experience.

As usual, I enjoy reading your comments. Be well; be at peace.

Love Lyn

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