Lyn E. Ayre, PhD ­© 2008

Our ‘aura’ is several high frequency energy layers (or an electromagnetic force field) that surrounds everyone and everything including our earth. The names of these energy bodies differ in different schools of thought. What is important to understand is that they do exist, and are there to help nourish and protect our physical body.

A.U.R.A. = Abundant Universal Radiation Around each of us.

The Aura

The ‘layers’ of the auric field are differentiated by the frequency at which they vibrate. Each ‘layer’ interpenetrates the next. There is no hard boundary. Sometimes you’ll read there are seven energy bodies. In this case, the three other ones they are referring to are the solid, liquid, and gas ones, which comprise the physical body. Generally speaking, there are four energy bodies, each with multiple layers, surrounding our physical body as follows:

Etheric body

This energy body is an exact fit to our physical body. It extends several inches out from our skin and actually permeates our physical body. It is composed of etheric, super-etheric, sub-atomic (protons, neutrons, and electrons) and atomic matter. The sense organs of this body are the Chakras. The channels supplying the seven major Chakras are the Nadis: Sushumna (Centre-directly up the spine), Ida (left-feminine principle), and Pingala (right-masculine principle). The etheric body is an exact replica of the physical body, and shines clear and bright like full moon light in a healthy, well-adjusted individual.

You may have heard the terms ‘subtle body’, ‘ethereal body’, or ‘doppleganger’ (there is a pile of myth and misinformation about this term), or ‘etheric double’. These all refer to the etheric body. The etheric body only separates from the physical body after death. It will stay earthbound for several days, then dissolve. This may account for the many stories told of loved ones, visiting from beyond the veil of death, and seeming to be in physical form.

The ethereal body draws energy from the Sun through the solar plexus and from the Earth via the root Chakra. It then feeds this energy to the physical body through the nadis and into the Chakra vortexes. This combined energy then provides a balance for the body’s cells.

When the body is full of energy, it starts to stream it back in the ethereal body and so protects this outer body from germs and bacteria. When the ethereal body is full, this energy starts to stream out into the environment and can affect anyone who is in the vicinity. We’ve all been around people whose inner light shines through no matter what their circumstances. These people just make you feel good!

This cycling of energy shows that if a person is in good spiritual condition, and well connected to the source of All That Is, they’ll seldom get sick from an outside source. Disease usually begins with negative thought patterns and a stressful life-style. That’s the theory, anyway. Of course, there are very few people on this world who don’t have some kind of a health issue. And, nobody gets out of here alive. J It’s all a learning experience.

Personal note: Please guard against judging those who are ill. It’s easy to judge, and unless you’ve walked that mile, you’ll never really know what another person has gone through. I live with some diagnosed issues daily, but people are always saying how healthy I look, and that I have a glow about me. I attribute this to the energy work I do for myself, as well as the practice of HALT – don’t let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Balance is the name of the game. I’ve also had years of counselling for physical/emotional trauma that was wrought against me by some very warped people. Through this, I’ve worked my way through severe PTSD. I’ve had health issues since I was 15, but it didn’t stop me from living a beautiful life and doing energy healing for 45 years. Works for me.

This subtle body is also known as the health aura. Within the aura, a sensitive can detect subtle changes by seeing (or feeling) dark fluffy patches (or other visual phenomena) that can be removed during a cleansing. The areas in which these anomalies are seen directly correlate to the areas in the body that are affected, so that a patch beside a person’s head may indicate a headache, sinus congestion, sore throat, eye issues, or something else to do with the head.

Always remember that we are not medical practitioners, and as such, never diagnose or prescribe. We are simply channels for the energy to flow through. If any healing happens, it happens through us not by us. In energy work, what we do helps the body’s own natural healing and balancing mechanisms to kick in. Certainly, some issues are beyond us.

The ethereal body is the mediator between the physical body and the emotional (or astral), mental, and spiritual bodies. It transports information and energy from our physical senses to the subtle bodies, and then transfers energy and information from the lighter bodies back to the physical. This is how positive thinking (if it is grounded in our reality, ie, we’re walking our talk) can influence our physical health – information that comes from the mental body into the brain affects the physical body by producing a chemical reaction. (ie: feel-good chemicals, stress hormones, or the multitudinous other chemicals in our bodies.)

As an energy worker, we can often correct disturbances in the energy field before illness has a chance to set into the physical body. And, of course, it can be nipped in the bud by each and every one of us as we begin to ‘live a conscious life’, and reverse our negative thought patterns thereby improving our way of living in the world.

Each new life we live brings with it a new etheric body; however, the other subtle bodies – emotional, mental, and spiritual, carry with them all knowledge gained from all of our lives.

Plants, flowers, and trees, possess a similar radiation to that of the etheric body. You can use this energy to replenish your own by simply gazing at the plant, and fully appreciating its beauty, until you start to feel lighter and more buoyant. Nature is an effective way to balance all of the Chakras. This process of appreciating the beauty of something replenishes it with energy, providing the death process has not begun. The natural progression is that this abundance of energy then overflows, and is automatically supplied back to you.

Emotional Body

Sometimes called the ‘astral body’. Again, this energy body fits to our physical body and projects a few feet out. It is composed of astral material and ether and it generally projects all of the spiralling colours around us. It is attached to the physical body by a cord of silver light (some believe this is attached at the 3rd Eye, and some, at the belly button. Does it really matter?). It is capable of travelling on its own and when we speak of astral projection, this is the body that is used

Thoughts are impressed on the emotional body by the mental body and then they are imprinted on the etheric body. If we give them safe harbour, they will affect us physically. This emotional body is full of passions, emotion, and desire. It interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body. It is the link between the nervous system and the cosmic reservoir of knowledge aka The Akashic Records. Akasha is the energetic record of all that has been thought, felt, said, and done. We can access this field of eternal knowledge by using a pendulum, using a gazing crystal ball, or connecting directly with a person in a meditative state. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘ether’.

The astral body separates from the physical body during sleep, coma, anaesthesia, drugs, alcohol, or shock. It takes with it the sensation of pain. This could be why a drunk doesn’t feel the pain of falling down the stairs until they sober up the next day.

It is the storehouse of all of our unresolved emotions and conflicts, and shapes our view of the world. These are passed unconsciously into our aura and out into the external world. They give a vibration to us, which will attract like-kind as a mirror, so we can see where our work needs to be done. The clue to notice is if we are continually drawing to us the same old work situation and the same old relationship situation. (What is it about me that continually attracts people like so and so?) And, when we are sick and tired of the same old same old, we will have the impetus and energy to change ourselves. The place where we hold our knotted emotions is in the solar plexus, at the bottom of the sternum.

Likewise, when we have healed our past and matured emotionally, we will continually draw to us wonderful things, which mirror our progress and echo in our ear that we are on the right track, and to keep on keeping on. If we can simply view the contents of our astral body, and accept what has past, we will be able to make forward progress in our life. A well-integrated emotional body will be able to manifest some of its desires when it shifts its vibration to a higher frequency.

Mental body 

Our rational (and irrational) thoughts, intuitive ideas, and perceptions are the domain of the mental body. It projects a pale blue. The structure of this body is less dense than the previous two. It is oval and extends several more feet from the body than the emotional body.

Its lower frequency is expressed by linear or logical thought only and is heavily weighted to rational scientific processes, leaving intuition, imagination, and intention out of the equation entirely. Its higher vibration is to receive universal truths and inspiration from the spiritual body and integrate them with the rational mind. Then we are to apply these to concrete situations, and bring about harmonious solutions to our everyday and worldwide problems, thus raise the consciousness of humanity.

Unfortunately, we get too caught up in the day-to-day drama and trauma to get out of ourselves as much as we need or want to. But, if we could more readily tap in to the intuitions, coincidences, and sudden flashes of insight and inspiration, we would make great progress, and would overcome so much of our mental discomfort and confusion.

We surely live in a dynamic and holographic (3D) Universe where all time exists now, and changes can be made to past, present, and future situations, if we would only stop and accept the learning. Linear thinking only gets us from one point to another in a straight line. One of this 21st Century’s favourite sayings is ‘thinking outside the box’. We live in a box of space and time. But, what if we really could have our absolute druthers? One of my favourite things to do is to make a list of everything I want and desire to the absolute nth degree. I don’t leave out a thing. Then I set about manifesting it into my life by doing what I’ve been writing about here. It really works, when I do.

Make a list of what you want in your life. Then, as you grow through the thought patterns that are holding you back, you will notice these things coming to you in a very natural way. Ask yourself this question and make a list, just off the top of your head; don’t stop to analyze it. “If I knew I couldn’t fail, and health, money, and the opinion of others were not an issue, what would I do with my life?”

Spiritual body

The highest frequency of vibration of all the energy bodies (that we know of) is the Spiritual body. Have you ever had the privilege of being around a totally awakened and enlightened person? Their aura can extend for miles. You can feel when you have gotten out of their range. If there is someone like that in your life, the next time you visit them, pay attention to your Chakras while you’re driving there. Which ones are doing what? Are you feeling anticipation, joy, or bliss?

It is through this body that we experience the unity and divinity of humanity. When we achieve a blissful state during our yoga practice, meditation, religious experience, or healing sessions, it is our spiritual body we are interacting through. It is our connection to All That Is; the Great Source of Energy and Power in the Universe; LOVE.

We can recognize our true purpose and calling through our Spiritual Body. Our lives become more expansive and enriched when we live them through the vibration of our Spiritual body. Our lives will express wisdom, power, and bliss when our Higher Self has the reigns.

Love Lyn

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