©2006 Lyn E. Ayre, PhD

Activating the psychic senses through focused intention, and action.

Always go to your Higher Power and connect then invite in your spiritual allies. Create sacred space, and know that you have all the control you need built right inside of you. You can say, ‘stop’ whenever you need to. You can even decide to never say, ‘start’. But, of course, that would be a shame, as this is all part of the rich tapestry that is life.

In these years of using my psychic senses, I’ve only ever ‘seen’ (clairvoyance) one thing that left me rattled. Most of the time it’s events like smelling “Evening in Paris” perfume and knowing that my Grandma is close by, or smelling “Roses, Roses” and knowing my mom is near. I sometimes know things that I have no business ‘knowing’. These incidents are very reassuring and completely supportive to me. Being watched over by a loved one, or a loving being, is natural. Belief in an invisible world is normal, and encouraged in my home.

Let’s now consider where these psychic senses reside in our energy system:

1. The sense of smell is connected to the first centre, our Root Chakra. The psychic ability to smell with our nose the complete bouquet of life, all types of aromas, is called clair aliency, clair olfaction, clair olfactory, clairscentrist, clair smelling, and psychic smelling.

Intention – “I am Clairalient. I can easily smell things that happened in the past, present, and future for the molecules of scent transcend time and space. And so it is.”

Action – after you have made certain that there is no way you could literally be smelling this aroma in your area, work on solutions to things like: notice when you’re smelling something that is not in your vicinity; make an effort to identify where it might be coming from ie: someone is trying to contact you from beyond the veil; it may be a clue to what might be happening in the next few moments ie: a fire that hasn’t started yet. Is this scent connected to someone you know? Does this aroma mean something to you personally?

For me, the doctor thought it might be epilepsy, so I went through a battery of tests. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I saw a neurologist who said it was called phantosmia and part of a group of migraine symptoms, in other words, an aroma with no apparent reason for it’s existence. In my case, I’m also given a feeling of a person I knew and that gives me a huge clue. ie: my mother wore roses, roses perfume.

2. The second centre rules the sense of taste, so this psychic sense belongs with the Sacral Chakra. The ability to taste in our mouth that which is not in our mouth (and may have never been in our mouth) is called clair gustation clair gustance, clair gustatory, clair tasting, and psychic tasting.

Intention – “I am Clairgustus; I can easily taste things that happened in the past, present, and future because energy can present itself to me in this way. And so it is.”

Action – work on solutions to things like: notice when you have a sour taste in your mouth about something; when there’s a gag reflex; when the acid rises into your throat. Determine what that means to you.

I don’t experience this one, so I have nothing to share.

3. The Third Chakra deals with our personal dynamics, so this sense is found here in the Solar Plexus. The ability to know, having a knowing, to feel it in your gut, when there is no basis in reality, as we know it, to know what we know, is called clair cognizant, clair knowing, and psychic knowing.

Intention – “I am Claircognizant; I can easily know about events happening in the past, present, and future, as this knowledge is effortlessly accessed, and is just one part of Akasha (the energetic record of all that has been thought, felt, said, and done.) And so it is.” We can access this field of eternal knowledge by using a pendulum, scrying-using a gazing crystal ball, or connecting directly with a person in a meditative state. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘ether’.

Action – work on solutions to things like: trusting your intuition; allowing this knowingness to express itself openly without editing or censoring; acting on your knowingness with confidence.

This is one of my strong senses, and I nurture it by listening closely to what I’m getting and trusting it. It never lets me down. For me, it’s particularly helpful when dealing with people I don’t know.

4. The fourth centre rules our feelings, so this psychic sense is connected to the Heart Chakra. The ability to have a sense or feeling about something (that has not had any place in your life, ie: you haven’t heard about it, read about it, or been told about it,) is called clairsentience, being a clairsentient, being a feeler, clair feeling, clair sensing, feeling it in your bones, feeling it in your water, and psychic feeling.

Intention – “I am Clairsentient; I can easily sense things about the past, present, and future because feelings have psychic substance. And so it is.”

Action – work on solutions to things like: trusting your inner feelings, and acting on that; feeling the emotions that run through your body, instead of running from them or burying them; clearing your own resentments and things you have a hard time releasing to make way for psychic experiences.

Again, I feel things, and then I need to decipher what it is that I’m feeling and how it relates to the topic at hand, whether for myself or another person. Trust is a big thing, and that takes willingness and practise.

5. The fifth centre rules the ears, so this psychic sense is connected to the Throat Chakra (ear, nose, and throat). The ability to hear sounds, noises, music, words within your head, that you have not heard before and don’t know who is speaking or what the content means, as it doesn’t really apply to you, is called clairaudient, clair audio, clair hearing, and psychic hearing.

Intention – “I am Clairaudient; I can easily hear the messages of the past, present, and future for sound is just a vibration that carries through time. And so it is.”

Action – work on solutions to things like: listening to the spirit of the message instead of just hearing the words; becoming a deep conversationalist by asking the questions what, why, how, who, where, and when; following your inner voice.

The ether is just a bit thicker than air and sound waves can slow down and be stored there. As well, I am always getting messages about ways to live my best life. Listening means for me to quiet down and be open.

6. The sixth Chakra rules vision, so this psychic sense is connected to the Third Eye. The ability to see, in either black and white or colour: movies, pictures, scenes, and slides in your mind’s eye, and you have nothing to base this vision on, as it all comes unbidden, and is of a content that is unfamiliar or foreign to you, is called clairvoyance, clair voyant, clair sighted, clair seeing, psychic vision, and visionary.

Intention – “I am Clairvoyant; I can easily see the past, present, and future for all time exists now. And so it is.”

Action – work on solutions to things like: broadening your view of the world in general; working on your important relationships; seeing yourself as part of the big picture. Trusting your visions.

I’ve had this happen a few times, but I don’t have much personal history to share on this one.

7. Our prophetic sense resides at the seventh or Crown Chakra. This is the one place where we are always connected to the All That Is (this is a term I read about and adopted in the early 70’s when I discovered a series of wonderful books written by Jane Roberts called the Seth series. My Spiritual Mentor, Louise Silver, introduced me to them.) Information and inspiration flow through this centre so that we are always getting spiritual downloads that help guide our lives. This is called Clairgnosis.

Intention – “I enjoy Clairgnosis; I am willing to be a conduit for my Higher Power’s healing Love and Light for I am always connected to Source energy. And so it is.”

Action – work on solutions to things like: give your Ego some vacation time; having to be in charge or in control all the time; feelings of being ‘disconnected’; faith in a power greater than yourself, shifting your belief system, gaining confidence in what you’re feeling.

Down through the ages, those with intuitive abilities have been persecuted, murdered, ridiculed, chastised, and basically kicked to the curb. We have a lot of generational garbage to wade through to even allow ourselves to feel this stuff. Then we need to grow in our confidence that this is real and it’s really happening. And, then we can find someone to help us with it.

Should you decide to develop your psychic senses, seek out a teacher who does not lean towards the dark side of this topic. Do your research and get a referral if you can. Make up a questionnaire, and ask all your questions so you can make an informed decision.

You can attune yourself to any of these psychic senses by becoming aware of which one is activated, say a prayer of acceptance around it, ie: I accept this sense of knowing, which is a gift from my Higher Power / Creator / Spiritual Source … and so on, tuning into it, placing your hand over the area on your body where you feel it activating, and making your intention known using the statements above.

By allowing your innate gifts to be developed naturally, you create a new dimension in the tapestry of YOU. Inner expansion and awareness is seldom a waste of time and is usually quite helpful.

The Universe, God, All That Is, Angels, whatever you believe in, is always trying to connect with you in some way. By being open to the experience, we can enrich our lives tremendously.

Love Lyn

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