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Prepared to do a Chakra detection, balance, and strengthening. 16Feb2006

There is always a great debate in metaphysical circles about whether or not to ‘close’ the Chakras after doing healing work. I have been hearing about this over the past forty years in various healing circles that I’ve facilitated and to which I’ve belonged. I feel it is time to address this issue, and so it is the topic I am examining in this article.

Many of us are like psychic sponges; we pick up everything around us. I can remember many times sitting beside someone in a waiting room, or a meeting at work, or a family event, and feeling great as I went in. At the end of my time there, I may have developed a queasy stomach, a headache, a phantom pain of some description, or a foul mood. Meanwhile, the person next to me says, ‘Wow, I feel really good now.’ So I ask, ‘Cool. How were you feeling when you got here?’ Guess what they say? You’re right! The comment is ‘Oh, I had a queasy stomach, a headache, a phantom pain of some description, or a foul mood.’ No kidding… Hmmm. 🙂

Learning how to keep your Chakras in balance and discovering the importance of working with your Higher Power are keys to unlocking your hidden self, and stepping into a life of love, laughter, and Light. Once those two things are achieved, the need to ever close your Chakras is over.

Let’s take a look at what would happen if Muladhara, our root centre, were closed. The Root Chakra is all about survival, and our feelings of safety and security in the world. When I am doing a Chakra Balancing session and find this centre low in energy, I can deduce there may be some problems with feeling grounded and connected to the Earth. Often the client feels helpless; a victim of life’s circumstances. Or perhaps they have severe health issues. Often incest, rape, and other types of abuse have happened in their lives.

If this Chakra is close to the physical body or completely closed (not enough energy), it could indicate that they generally do not feel safe in the world, and there may be issues surrounding personal mortality and survival of the Self. When this Chakra is closed, there is a severe lack of personal energy, as one would be cut off from Earthstar – our connection to the planet, and to nature. Some of the characteristics of such an individual would be dull, lack lustre, no vigour, no enthusiasm, and no feelings of personal responsibility or accountability. Family issues and work issues would not impact the person in a way that would get them moving towards a solution. Claire-alience resides here. That saying, “I smell a rat” came about for a reason. Sometimes our sense of smell lets us know who we can trust, and who we can’t.

Svadhistana, our Sacral Chakra supports our creativity. If it were very low or closed, we would experience blockages in the areas of physical and sexual health, fertility, prosperity, vitality, creativity, self-esteem, relationships, desire, and sensuality. Second Chakra tells us about our relationships with that which is different from us. It speaks about how we approach life and our surrounding world. If we are experiencing hardened attitudes, rigid thought patterns, frozen self-concepts, and modes of behavior that destroy opportunities for successful relationships, we are likely having a challenge of the second sacred centre. If there is insufficient functioning here, the person will be lacking in passion and may show signs of immaturity. Some folks say, “Oh! When I (heard, saw, experienced) that, I got a sour taste in my mouth.” Clear tasting or the psychic sense of Claire-gustance is at work in this case. The person comes to understand that they can sense things out by the taste in their mouth.

The Solar Plexus, Manipura, deals with our own personal dynamics; our feelings of authority and self-confidence, and turning our shadow self into gifts through wisdom. If our personal power is diminished or closed off, we will suffer life as ‘a leaf buffeted about by the four winds’. Things will always seem to happening to us, and our self-actualization will be missing. Our courage and initiative to overcome hurdles and blocks will be limited by our own feelings of inferiority. In a healthy, open individual, you will notice the spirit of the joy of being; someone who is liberated from their own unconscious, and who has worked through the clearing of their emotional and mental energetic bodies. In a person who is shut-off, you will see a controlling, perfectionist, dominating, or an angry, fearful, unlucky, downtrodden soul. This is the realm of Clairecognizance. Taking inventory of and coming to a knowing of our personality assets and liabilities will get us moving in the right direction. Recognizing that we are neither all good nor all bad, rather a combination of qualities will boost our self-esteem and give us energy to do the inner work on ourselves.

Anahata is the Heart Centre. Here our lives are enriched by feelings of love, service to others, and devotion to our Higher Power. This Chakra deals with our ability to give love, and our availability to receive love. Feelings of gratitude and self-worth reside here. A person with a closed Heart Chakra is a very unhappy individual, indeed. Our hearts’ first duty is to love and serve us. The heart is the seat of our uncried tears. However, this needs to be balanced with the peace of mind that comes from a willingness to merge with one’s Higher Power. A person who is un-loving, unsympathetic, and harsh usually has a closed heart. The Heart is the realm of Claire-sentience or ‘clear feeling’. For those of you with this gift, a clear and open heart is needed. The Heart is also the balance-point between the physical and spiritual Chakras.

Our ability to communicate: write, speak, address an audience in some way, sing, comes from Vishuddha, our Throat Chakra. If it were closed, our verbal expression would be inhibited. Our exchange of ideas through language would be impaired. A person who gossips, lies, ‘tells stories’, creates disharmony, and is sullen will often show a closed throat centre. Whatever we ‘want’ to do must pass through this vital centre to become our ‘will’ to do it. We would be forever in a state of want with no way of willing it to be done. As we move through the Throat centre, we are also moved to a Higher Plane of Being, level of communication, and ability to manifest.  This is the realm of Claire-audience or ‘clear hearing’, an important tool for many.

Ajna, our Third Eye Chakra, is the realm of Claire-voyance or ‘clear seeing’. This centre deals with our imagination, dreams, conceptions, higher goals and ideals, insight, and inner guidance. Where would we be without this toolkit? The mark of a closed Third Eye is a person who is narrow-minded, judgmental, self-destructive, egocentric, and has control issues. Continuous upheaval and lack of vision is their lot in life. But they, too, can change, if they are willing.

The Crown Chakra, located on the top of the head where the hair whorls, is our connection to the Source energy. Our wisdom, spiritual awakening, meditation, contemplation, illumination, and mystical experiences come from this centre. Sahasrara deals with our oneness with All and with All That Is. When you are enjoying ‘light-bulbs moments’, or ‘ah-ha s’ or ‘bells going off’, of complete inspiration at the top of your head, you are in direct connection to your Higher Power. Sometimes we can feel ‘spirit prickles’ when this happens. This is called Claire-gnosis. This is a centre of rejuvenation and our longing for unification with something greater than us. If we have confining and limiting expectations, it could be that our seventh Chakra is closed.

So, as you can see, it is much preferable to hold the intention that our Chakras are clear and open. If we are in growth mode, there is no stopping us.

There are many tools available to each of us to help us open and balance our Chakras.

They are:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Being in nature
  • Chanting and Toning
  • Colour Therapy
  • Creative Movement
  • Crystals
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Sound Healing

The trick is in knowing which one to use, and how to interact with the tool for the desired effect. A PDF training manual in Chakras & Ch’i is available to help you get going on the right path. Once learned, it is a tool you can use for your whole life.

Love Lyn

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